On this page you can read real experiences of people who have undergone height lengthening surgery. You also can see the photos and videos they have published.

Leg Lengthening Journey From Austria to Turkey

A Patient From Austria Getting Leg Lengthening Surgery for the First Time #2 Our patient who came to Turkey from Austria for limb lengthening journey is 5-foot-5 [...]

Japanese Patient’s Leg Lengthening Journey

A Patient from Japan Getting Limb Lengthening Surgery for the First Time #1 This writing is all about our patient who is at his late 20’s from [...]

Our Patient’s Condition 6 Years After Lengthening surgery

6 Years After Lengthening Surgery My short height always harmed me psychologically. That’s why I searched for ways to increase my height for a long time. I […]

Mr. Drew’s Limb Lengthening Journey – During Covid-19

We are honored and pleased to be of service to our superb patient Mr. Drew from the UK, who started his Limb Lengthening Journey – During Covid-19. […]

Bruce from UK: Travelling to Turkey to Become Taller

Travelling to Turkey to Become Taller It is no secret that we have a special bond with our patients, more than anyone else doing this job. This […]

Two Friends Have Height Increase Surgery: Ivy and Maya

End-to-End Height Increase Surgery Procedures We have been communicating with Ivy over WhatsApp for many months. He had been planning his height increase surgery for a long […]

Mr. George’s Limb Lengthening Diary

Limb Lengthening Diary| This February 2020, we were glad to host, Mr. George from the USA and provide him world-class limb lengthening surgery and services. Mr. George […]

Ollie’s Limb Lengthening Patient Diary

Our patient, “Ollie”, had a surgery on 2 March 2020. He chose LON method for femur lengthening. He had an initial plan of lengthening femurs by around […]

Femur and Tibia Lengthening at the Same Time?

Femur and Tibia Lengthening| We want to introduce one of our brave patients from Germany, Javid. He was so much determined to become taller that he even […]

Our Malaysian Patient, Mr. Rayyan’s Leg-Lengthening Journey

Recently, we are proud and happy to be of service to our wonderful patient Mr. Rayyan from Malaysia. Mr. Rayyan contacted our medical consultants in January for […]

Jason From UK: LON Leg Lengthening In Turkey

Jason chose LON leg lengthening method to lengthen femurs. His plan is to increase his height by 7-8 cm. We had a long period of communicating, questions […]

Jeraldo From Brazil: A Journey of Limb Lengthening in Turkey

Our team was honored to have Jeraldo for his LON limb lengthening surgery here in Istanbul. It was a beginning of another successful leg lengthening procedure, and […]

Hasan from New Zealand: A Limb Lengthening Journey

Hi guys. I thought I’d record a video about my limb lengthening journey so far. After being undecisive probably for a year, thinking whether I should do it or […]

My Biggest Dream – A Woman Who Wants to Be Taller

Hello everyone. I am one of those who wants to have limb lengthening surgery, or so called height surgery. Right now, I am 25 years old and 148 cm […]

Holyfix / A Counselling Psychologist

My leg lengthening diary with Holyfix method – A Counseling psychologist Before to tell about my leg lengthening adventure, I want to tell some words about my [...]

Martin’s Journey From the USA to Become Taller With Precice

So this is my journey to Precice limb lengthening surgery. I arrived in Istanbul on February 28, and after a 13 hour flight all I wanted to do […]

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  • Hi… I wanted to get LON surgery and I am from Brazil. Can you help me with visa services to come to turkey and have surgery?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,

      It is great to hear that you are interested in having limb lengthening surgery with LON Method. And, if you request, we can assist you with medical visa assistance to Turkey, as well. All you need to do is finalize your surgical booking, with our expert patient consultant, via a surgical deposit agreement and also provide the requested information and they will help you in attaining a medical visa for Turkey, to have your medical treatment with us.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone or WhatsApp at + 90 531 988 3090.

      Wannabetaller Team

      • I am James and I am in Orlando I’m looking for the price on here but in us it’s over 50k and I don’t have anything around that but I can start saving up if it’ll be cheaper I just wanna do anything I can for this I’ve been bullied all my life because of my height I really need help

        • Dear James,
          Thanks for your comment. We know very well how it feels to have short stature and being bullied by others for this reason. Your problem has a solution and this solution is affordable with us.

          Below listed are the surgical methods that we offer our patients and the prices for a single limb lengthening surgery (either both femurs or both tibia):

          1. “HOLYFIX” Methodology – 13,500 Euro
          2. “LON” Methodology – 17,000 Euro
          3. “PRECICE 2.2” Methodology – 37,250 Euro
          4. “PRECICE STRYDE” Methodology – 52,250 Euro

          As it’s seen, limb lengthening surgeries are much cheaper with us with world-class quality. Please check your inbox for more detailed information.
          Best Regards.

  • Hello … i have unequal legs and its causing pain to my hips … can you do surgery to make them equal

    • Dear Dean Chang,

      First of all, we would like to thank you for your kind comment and interest in limb discrepancy and correctional surgery. Limb Length discrepancy is a medical condition due to which the patient suffers a difference between the lengths of their arms or legs; and a substantial limb difference can cause patients to limp, suffer difficulties and pain in other bones and joints due to the extra pressure exerted during walking, running or other physical activities.

      Now, for Limb Length Discrepancy, the most preferred method is limb lengthening for the bone which is shorter than the other; in order to make both the legs equal. This can be done with all of the limb lengthening methods, e.g. Holyfix, LON, Precice 2 Or Precice Stryde dependiang on your time constraints and comfort and financial concerns.

      Please contact our expert patient consultant for pricing and other information regarding the surgical correction.

      Thank you for contacting us; for more information and questions contact us directly at [email protected] or through Phone or Whatsapp: +90 531 988 30 90

      Wannabetaller Team

    • Hello Emmanuel Asare, thanks for your comment. Our surgeons perform knock knee correction surgery (genu valgum surgery). For more careful evaluation of your condition, it would be really appreciated if you sent us your photos, x-rays or any medical data you have. You can send them to our email address: [email protected] or Whatsapp: +90 531 988 30 90.