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It is one of our most important missions to welcome our patients from abroad in the best way as Wannabetaller team. As well as providing you the best hygienic environment, qualified doctors, and the best service, we offer you all types of facilities that meet your needs. We aim to make you feel comfortable and safe during your stay here. The followings are the facilities which are provided for your needs.

Why Staying at Hotel?

The majority of the city’s popular hotel brands are located in commercial districts. They are typically located near key establishments such as banks, restaurants, shopping malls, and other amenities. The hotels where you are staying provide a wide range of cuisines and foods. Breakfast is free, and room service is available. You won’t have enough time to make your bed if you’re in a rush to depart for an essential meeting or appointment. When you depart, housekeeping will make sure the room is clean and the bed is made.

1. Days Hotel by Wyndham Esenyurt

It offers 4 different room options;

  • Standard Room
  • Room with Balcony
  • Suite Room
  • Luxury Room
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2. Detached House

We offer three types of home accommodation;

  • Residence flat (1+1) / (2+1)
  • Detached house
  • Studio flat (1+0)
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