Leg Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

528 patients in over 23 years with 2 doctors and 5 techniques.
The #1 choice for limb lengthening surgery in Turkey

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Who We Are and What We Do?

Wannabetaller crew is mainly made of people who have undergone LL surgery themselves. Our team includes surgeons who successfully perform limb lengthening in Turkey and we are doing patient consultation for them. At the same time, Wannabetaller team follows-up limb lengthening patients and provide services depending on their demands and complaints. We know about the problems caused by the low self-esteem due to short height, and how meaningful one’s life becomes when these problems are solved.

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You can ask all your questions and get information about leg lengthening surgery from our experts and we are ready to receive your suggestions and requests.

Hospital Accommodation

Hospital accommodation for patients and patients’ relatives

Transport Services

Free transport to and from hospital.

Tourist Trip

The opportunity for patients to explore Istanbul.

Well-equipped hospital

The Hospital is well equipped with latest types of equipment in concern with Surgical Centre

Postoperative follow-up

Postoperative Care and Follow-Up by our doctors and specialist nurses.

Our Doctors

A professional team dedicated to providing excellent healthcare.
Lengthening Surgeons - Assoc. Prof. Dr Ozgur Karakoyun MD
Assoc. Prof. Dr Ozgur Karakoyun MD
Assoc. Prof. Dr Yuksel Yurttash
Assoc. Prof. Dr Yuksel Yurttash

What Our Happy Patients say about us

The hospital itself was very clean and modern and it didn’t look any different than the ones in the US. I am very happy with my Doctor and the limb lengthening surgery.


Hello everyone. I am one of those who wants to have limb lengthening surgery. I am 25 years old and 148 cm tall. My goal is not to be too tall, I want to have just a normal height.

My Biggest Dream

I stayed at the hospital for 4 days and they were injecting painful injections twice a day. I tried to walk the walk 2 days after the operation, because I felt very pain, I could only take 3-4 steps. The next day I took a little more steps, but it was really hard.

My Ilizarov Diary

Before to tell about my leg lengthening adventure, I want to tell some words about my pre-surgery life. Because my pain was not in the process, it was before the surgery. Being short, look down from the bottom, closer to the place deeply affects the entire human life, thinking and quality of life.

Holyfix / A Counselling Psychologist

Our Blog

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