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Who Are We?

We are the first team to do Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

WannaBeTaller is the first company in Turkey that gives consultancy, additional services, patient follow-up after surgery, and any other thing that limb-lengthening patients need.

About Us

WannaBeTaller is a part of the Medzonia Limited Company. We are the first Cosmetical limb-lengthening surgery company that has every formal document and license that is required by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for medical tourism. Being the first company that does limb-lengthening surgery, we are one of the most experienced companies in this field. Having the registered necessary documents by the relevant formal institutions makes WannaBeTaller to be more trustworthy than the rival companies. With the self-confidence and the experience that comes with being the first in its field, our company aims to provide a quality service with high standards, which every stage of it is meticulously planned, to its patients who want to achieve their dreams. Limb lengthening is a process that several services; such as the surgery, rehabilitation process after the surgery, transfer, and accommodation, have to be carried out at the same time and that’s why every service unit is being determined by our distinguished and experienced team with taking into consideration of high-quality standards. To make sure that high-quality standards are being provided flawlessly, the company has a quality control center that actively controls the whole process and improves itself every day with the feedback of the patients to take the quality standards even further.

We in The Press

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Leg-lengthening surgery changed my life. It cost $27,000 but I'm 5 inches taller and I feel more charismatic.

"Leg-lengthening surgery changed more than Ibrahim Alğan's height: It inspired him to quit his job, and he says he gets more compliments now."

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‘I had my legs broken to be taller’: The very modern pressure of male vanity

"Both men attended the Wanna Be Taller clinic, established in 2015 by Ibrahim Algan, who has had his legs lengthened twice, gaining almost 5in (12cm) in total."

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Everyone was making fun of him for being short! He grew 1 mm every day...

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The most critical part of the limb lengthening process is the surgery for sure. Every surgery has its risks due to the nature of the methods that are being used. Limb lengthening surgery, like any other surgery, has its kind of risks and challenges. Every limb-lengthening candidate is being explicitly explained the risks and challenges before the surgery. To minimize the possible risks and complications, WannaBeTaller has worked with many doctors who have performed lengthening surgery since its establishment, which has given the company an invaluable vision in selecting the best doctors in the field who can serve following the company’s unique and high-quality policy. Thanks to its invaluable vision based on the sensitivities of people and the scientific data, the company has managed to significantly reduce the complication risks in the surgeries it performs. This success is a result of the company’s years of experience not only in choosing the best doctors in the field but also in choosing the most suitable hospital and the technological methods in which these doctors can perform the best. WannaBeTaller keeps the same sensitivity it has shown in choosing the doctors and the hospital with the post-operative rehabilitation, transfer, and accommodation services as well. The company gives extra importance to every little detail for everyone that has the courage to take the road to achieve their dreams and to help on their way. To reflect this importance to the field, the company implements a strict quality control policy.

With currently 28 people on its team, our company continues to do its best while aiming for 100% satisfaction and serving the best for the patients who come from both Turkey and different parts of the world and go through difficult journeys to achieve their dreams.

You can view our company’s legal documents below:

HIB Membership
International Health Tourism Authorization
A Group Travel Agency

You can see our website’s publication date and check it from this link

Wannabetaller Website Age

Our introductory video;

We work heartily to serve the best for our patients, notably from Turkey and the USA, Germany, China, Japan, England, Canada, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and many other countries, aiming for them to achieve their desired height with the confidence of being the most experienced team with 28 people in total.

Our team that is both the first team to do limb-lengthening surgery in Turkey and continues to try to be the best in its field;

Wannabetaller Team

Some of our patients that have their dreams come reality:

Because limb lengthening surgery is a technical medical field that requires experience and proceeding with the right information, our team conducts regular meetings with our doctor and keeps up to date with recent developments. In these meetings, we evaluate your questions, suggestions, and requests and try to improve our service standards with the new technological developments that are introduced day by day.

Since the day it was founded, our company has worked with many doctors who have performed limb-lengthening surgeries, and with aiming to be the best in its field, WannaBeTaller has adopted the principle of working with hospitals and doctors who are experienced, open to improvement, take care of their patients closely and empathize with them and uses the most modern techniques. Because we know that a successful surgery is not possible without a successful surgeon. A bad surgery may cause an extension of the rehabilitation process both psychologically and physically and big economic difficulties might occur based on the size of the complications. The experience of being the first in its field has shown the company how the whole process depends on the sensitive parameters and each parameter should be evaluated in detail. For our patients not to encounter any potential problems, our most important principle remains to be cooperating with the right doctors and hospitals.

To view the scientific works and details of our surgeon: Google Scholar Articles of Dr. Yunus Öç

Every type of surgery has its kind of risks and it is not possible to cancel out these risks anywhere in the world. This also applies to limb lengthening surgery. We give our all to further our experience with our sensitivity and sustainable quality policy. With these efforts, we have achieved a great decline in complications because of the surgery that is made under our company. Especially because of the recent popularity that cosmetical limb lengthening surgery had gained among people, there is a great increase in the surgeries, which unfortunately resulted in an increase in the patients that have complications after surgery and most of them have requested our company to get revision surgeries (surgeries that are needed after the complications that the first one caused). We have the opportunity to take faster and more effective actions with our team that is doing their job in the best way without compromising their experience and the professional principles they have gained over the years.

To gain more information about revision surgeries: Limb Lengthening Revision Surgery

  • Online consultation for gaining information before surgery
  • Greeting at the airport and VIP transfer
  • Istanbul Tour (With a tour guide that speaks the patient’s language)
  • Accommodation at the quality and clean hotels or other suitable options
  • Medical tests and examinations before surgery
  • Getting the limb lengthening surgery (2-4 hours)
  • Rest at the hospital after the surgery
  • The support of the attendant, physiotherapist, and a nurse that speaks the patient’s language during the hospital rest
  • Receiving the medicines
  • Receiving medical stuff; such as a walker, crutch, and a wheelchair
  • Consultancy and follow-up after the surgery
  • Support of the most experienced healthcare team in Turkey for the hospital process to go under control and in the best way possible
  • Psychological support and a dietician service
  • Patient kit with some presents and stuff that will help you during your recovery and a Patient Help Book which has all the information you need about the process
  • Weekly doctor visits during rehabilitation/accommodation
  • Exercise and consultancy support by physiotherapists that have worked with hundreds of patients
  • Free internet service that helps you to keep in touch with the whole world
  • X-Ray, Medical dressing, meal orders, monthly activities, medicine follow-up

You can get more information from Our Services page

Message from our founder:

I'm Ibrahim Alğan. I've studied Psychological Counseling and Guidance at the university. Even though I've studied this subject, I've realized I was struggling with some psychological problems; such as insecurities and isolating myself from society due to being a short person, which was stealing my energy and I've decided to get limb-lengthening surgery. I was 161 cm (5 feet 2.8 inches) in 2015 and after my first and second surgery, I gained 12 cm (3.9 inches) in length and my height became 173 cm (5 feet 6.7 inches) in 2020.

I’ve realized that there is so much unscientific, unaccredited information on the internet about the subject recently. That is why making the right decision for the people that are searching on the internet and reading this at the moment is harder. Because you have to decide based on what you’ve read and seen and your instincts.

I guess I’m the first person in Turkey that got cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. When I got my surgery, it wasn’t easy to find someone that has got the surgery as well and utilize their surgery experience and get advice from them because of the lack of people that have got this surgery at that moment. Right now, it is possible to encounter someone who has got the surgery on every platform. However, maybe it is even harder to make the right decision right now because it is hard to discriminate what is the right information and advertisement with the correct criticism.

No doubt that there are many parameters that increase this hardship. Even though how many parameters there are that make it difficult for you to make the right decision, I have a team that will help you to choose what is best for you and will never leave you as they feel deep sympathy for you during the whole process. As the first person that has got cosmetic limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, I have founded the first medical tourism that has all the formal documents and certificates needed. With my team and I have decided to create a system that aims to achieve the highest standards for the people that decides to get the surgery with the help of my whole surgery experience. It was not hard to gather a big team that is hard-working, gives the right information, and especially sympathizes with you thanks to the great experience that comes with working with the hundreds of patients that have decided to choose our company for their journey and my own surgery experience. As we are Turkey’s most experienced team, me and my team will be doing whatever needs to be done for the people that really need this surgery. You can reach a lot of information on this website and you can ask any of your questions to my qualified teammates. As I know what you might experience after you’ve decided to get limb lengthening surgery, I would strongly advise you to get the information you need and be conscious of your decision wherever you decide to get your surgery at.

If you would like to read more about my limb-lengthening surgery journey and view the pictures and videos that I’ve taken during the process, you can click here: Holyfix/ A Counselling Psychologist

You can send your views, requests, and suggestions about our company to our Contact page

Stay safe and healthy

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Sanam Naqash 2023-03-05 23:58:36

Hi... i hope you are alright. I am staying in UK and I want to have limb lenthening surgery in july 2023 and currently searching hospitals around the world matching my budget and comfortable. I need more information about cost schedule and also what the body conditions requirements from your side before the surgery so that i can prepare myself. I also want to have online consultation from the doctor or surgeon. Thanks


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-03-07 11:10

Hello, thanks for your comment. As long as you are healthy, a non-smoker, and have no chronic illnesses, you are perfectly eligible for the surgery. Apart from these, we advise patients to do stretches to increase the flexibility in the muscles and keep the weight in control before the surgery. Muscular limbs are not favorable in terms of distraction. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail support@wannabetaller.com Regards, Wannabetaller Team Regards, Wannabetaller Team

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