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İbrahim Alğan

İbrahim Alğan

İbrahim Alğan

İbrahim Alğan

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I'm Ibrahim Alğan. I've studied Psychological Counseling and Guidance at the university. Even though I've studied this subject, I've realized I was struggling with some psychological problems; such as insecurities and isolating myself from society due to being a short person, which was stealing my energy and I've decided to get limb-lengthening surgery. I was 161 cm (5 feet 2.8 inches) in 2015 and after my first and second surgery, I gained 12 cm (3.9 inches) in length and my height became 173 cm (5 feet 6.7 inches) in 2020.

I’ve realized that there is so much unscientific, unaccredited information on the internet about the subject recently. That is why making the right decision for the people that are searching on the internet and reading this at the moment is harder. Because you have to decide based on what you’ve read and seen and your instincts.

I guess I’m the first person in Turkey that got cosmetic limb lengthening surgery. When I got my surgery, it wasn’t easy to find someone that has got the surgery as well and utilize their surgery experience and get advice from them because of the lack of people that have got this surgery at that moment. Right now, it is possible to encounter someone who has got the surgery on every platform. However, maybe it is even harder to make the right decision right now because it is hard to discriminate what is the right information and advertisement with the correct criticism.

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No doubt that there are many parameters that increase this hardship. Even though how many parameters there are that make it difficult for you to make the right decision, I have a team that will help you to choose what is best for you and will never leave you as they feel deep sympathy for you during the whole process. As the first person that has got cosmetic limb lengthening surgery in Turkey, I have founded the first medical tourism that has all the formal documents and certificates needed. With my team and I have decided to create a system that aims to achieve the highest standards for the people that decides to get the surgery with the help of my whole surgery experience. It was not hard to gather a big team that is hard-working, gives the right information, and especially sympathizes with you thanks to the great experience that comes with working with the hundreds of patients that have decided to choose our company for their journey and my own surgery experience. As we are Turkey’s most experienced team, me and my team will be doing whatever needs to be done for the people that really need this surgery. You can reach a lot of information on this website and you can ask any of your questions to my qualified teammates. As I know what you might experience after you’ve decided to get limb lengthening surgery, I would strongly advise you to get the information you need and be conscious of your decision wherever you decide to get your surgery at.

If you would like to read more about my (second) limb-lengthening surgery journey and view the pictures and videos that I’ve taken during the process, you can click here: All About My Second Leg Lengthening Surgery

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