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Unfortunately, Stryde Nails have been recalled by the manufacturer due to the fact that the company would like to do exact tests before it can be released again. The release date is unknown according to the distributor company. However, Precice Nails are available, and if you desire to have limb lengthening surgery with an internal method, you can do the surgery, and make your plans accordingly.

Limb Lengthening by Stryde

The Stryde Nail is manufactured by the same company (NuVasive Specialised Orthopaedics (NSO)) that produces the Precice Nail, and it carries exactly the same design but the materials of construction are dissimilar. Stated in other words, it is a newer version of the previous “ PRECICE 2 ” version of the intramedullary nail system. There is a subtle difference between these two last advanced nails, it is the material used in the nail. Wheareas Precice 2 is made of Titanium alloy, Stryde nail is made of steel, which makes it 4x stronger than Precice 2 nail. This is significant because it means the doctor may promote patients to bear weight as tolerated earlier than we can with the Precice nail. Elongation is achieved using intramedullary techniques, with nails that are fully implantable in the patient. The two ends of the telescopic nais slowly pull apart creating a gap in the bone. In addition to this, there is no external metal device attached to the legs. These are the most notable advantages over traditional methods used external fixators which have been related to infuriating discomfort, prolonged treatment times, and the risk of pin-tract infections, which may lead to osteomyelitis.

Stryde nails are American-made intramedullary nails used for limb lengthening. An External Remote Controller (ERC) is utilized to lengthen the nail, which interacts with magnets within the nail.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Precice Stryde Method

Components of Stryde

External Remote Controller (ERC);

External Remote Controller is a portable magnetic device that makes the elongation occur by pushing the button on it. Thus, controlled lengthening phase is provided thanks to it.

Intramedullary Nail;

Intramedullary nail, or rod is used as an internal fixation and is made of steel. The doctor decides the size of the nail by reviewing the X-ray images. (8,5 mm, 10,7 mm, 11,5 mm or 12,5 mm) During the operation, it is surgically embedded into the bone cavity. As the nail is biocompatible, it does not contain any elements that will cause harm to the body.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Precice Stryde Method Patient
Limb Lengthening Surgery Stryde Method X-Ray

Two Surgeries with Stryde

If Stryde is chosen as a surgery method for limb lengthening, there are two operations that are performed;

  1. First Surgery; An intramedullary nail is inserted into the medullar cavity of the bone. Patients lengthen the bone gradually by 0,99 mm per day by pushing the button on ERC. (Lengthening is carried out three times a day  / 0,33 mm x 3)
  2. Removal Surgery for Intramedullary Nails; Intramedullary nail can be removed upon patient’s request after the full bone consolidation is completed. It can take a year or one and half years to get rid of the nail with a short procedure.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Stryde Method


  • It offers less invasive procedure, and less painful process compared to classical methods.
  • It bears less risk of getting infection since there is no external devices attached to the legs. (e.g. LON)
  • As the weigh-bearing capacity of the nail is not that limited in comparison to Precice 2, being able to bear weight earlier will provide a substantial advantage.


  • The surgery cost is pricy comparing to the other methods such as Precice 2, LON, and Holyfix.

The ‘Styrde’ methodology is highly preferred by our patients for these simple reasons:

  • Patients go through the lengthening process with minimal pain except for the first week.
  • Less scar marks will appear on the legs beacuse of the minimal insicions and aesthetic stitches.
  • Patients will have less complication, safe and more comfortable lengthening period in comparison to the other methods (e.g LON, Holyfix and Ilizarov)

As a few incisions are made for each leg compared to the classical methods, the scar marks will not be notable too much. The surgical wounds are stitched with dissolvable sutures and covered with waterproof dressings. Nevertheless, the scar marks will fade away as time passes by, and will not be eyeful. Especially, our surgeon ties off stitches aesthetically. If you think you may have sensitive skin against scar marks, you may find out some useful tips for the ways of minimizing the scar marks by watching the video below.

limb lenthening surgery precice 2 scar marks limb lenthening surgery precice 2 scar marks

As any other surgery, there are always risks and complications that might occur. As long as the doctor applies the right technique, the hygienic environment is established at the hospital, and proper post-operative care is provided, the risks and the complications are preventable and treatable. As Wannabtaller Team, the first priority is always patients’ safety for us. Yet, every person has unique physiology and some unpredictable conditions might occur such as non bone union or slow bone union. You may visit our blog writing to find out more information related to this issue; “Limb lengthening Side effects, Complications and Risks”

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Öç(Istanbul, TURKEY) – 22,850$ LON method, 48,500$ intramedullary nail (PRECICE 2.2), Precice Stryde, 22,850$ limb shortening surgery,
  • Dr. Paley (the USA) – Bilateral femur lengthening (up to 8 cm of height; cost $97,500 USD,PRECICE-Stryde) / Bilateral tibia lengthening (up to 5 cm of height; cost $109,000 USD, PRECICE-Stryde)
  • Dr. Jacob Rozbruch (the USA) – $125,000 (Femur or Tibia) / Nail Removal Fee: $20,000 (Femur or Tibia)
  • Dr. Shahab Mahboubian (Hollywood CA, the USA) – Bilateral femur lengthening (Precise nail) – $75,000, Bilateral tibia lengthening (Precise nail) – $85,000 & Combined tibia and femur lengthening 3-4 weeks apart – $155,000

You can visit our limb lengthening surgery price post for more detail.

How many months should I stay for this procedure?

Limb lengthening is not a simple procedure to go through. Considering broken bones and the recovery process, patients should spare a considerable amount of time for it. Notably, the first 3 months are a crucial period for patients in order to get through the process healthily as much as possible. The lengthening period needs to be observed closely by the doctor apart from the recovery, the functionality, and the health condition of the patient. Besides all these, patients must take a proper physiotherapy session from a physiotherapist who is well familiar with the post-operative process of limb lengthening. Patients desiring to have limb lengthening surgery need to stay here for at least 3/4 months by taking into account all these factors.

We provide patient accommodation, post-operative care, and physiotherapy services at Kumburgaz Marin Princess Hotel. For other accommodation facilities and prices, please visit Accommodation services page.

  • Accommodation + 3 meals/day
  • Personalized Physical Therapy
  • X-rays, tests & examinations
  • Medications
  • Psychologic Counselling Service (Twice a month)
  • Dietitian Services (Twice a month)
  • Fitness, Free WI-FI internet, daily room cleaning, clean towels, and linen changes
  • 24/7 business center use for those who continue their work remotely
  • Activities outside the hotel and special tours for the patients to relax, breathe, and increase their motivation once a month

All inclusive: 4,550$  3,580$/ per month

(3 month-package: 10,540$)

Step by step guide from the beginning to the end with Stryde

Wanna Be Taller Step by Step Stryde Surgery

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Vinícius 2023-07-20 01:15:18

Hello. I previously asked if it would be possible to lengthen my femurs and fix my knock knees at the same time. The patient consultant answered that it would be possible and the preferred method to do it would be LON. I would like to know if it would be possible to do the surgery to lengthen my femurs and fix my knock knees at the same time with Precice 2 instead of LON. Thanks in advance.


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-07-20 12:43

Hello, it is possible to fix knock knees along with the limb lengthening surgery, however, in order to make sure, the doctor needs to do a physical examination and evaluate a detailed X-ray. Based on the evaluation, he determines if it can be done simultaneously or separately. Please feel free to get in touch with a patient consultation expert and send any X-ray images taken recently to be evaluated by the doctor. Regards, WBT.

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