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Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

If you wonder what this insurance is for or how it may help you, it is the first health insurance that is prepared for patients from abroad who come to Turkey for health tourism to cover the patient’s complication expenses after the surgery if it happens. Thanks to this insurance policy, if revision surgery is needed due to the possibility of a complication for foreign patients, or Turkish patients that live in a different country, after the surgery, it is securitized.

Thanks to our partnership with Demir Health and Life Insurance Co., you no longer need to worry about extra expenses that might emerge because of a complication. We give a guarantee for your chance of getting a complication after limb-lengthening surgery.

What is Included in Insurance Policy Coverage?

  • Impatient Treatment Guarantee

    If a complication occurs after the surgery of the policyholder that is done in Turkey, the revision surgery, the examinations for the diagnosis, and the medicines that are needed are included in the impatient treatment guarantee.

  • Plane Ticket Guarantee

    If the patient has to come back to Turkey due to a complication after they went back to their country, their economy class plane ticket is included in the guarantee.

  • Accommodation Guarantee

    If a complication occurs after the surgery, the patient’s accommodation expenses, except the hospital stay, are included in the guarantee as long as it is in between the limits.

  • Treatment in the Patient’s Own Country Guarantee

    If a complication occurs after the patient went back to their own country but the treatment doesn’t have to be done in Turkey, the expenses of the medical treatments that are going to be done in the patient’s country are included in the guarantee.

  • The Companion’s Expenses Guarantee

    If someone will accompany the patient when they are coming to Turkey, the companion’s accommodation and transportation expenses are included in the guarantee.

  • Voyage Policy Guarantee

    In addition to the transportation expenses, with the voyage policy guarantee, needed medical consultancy and transportation with an ambulance are also included.

In addition to these guarantees, the legal protection of the patient and, if it is needed, the renewal of the patient’s passport and necessary documents are also going to be covered by the insurance company. While the patient is in Turkey if they need to get legal consultancy, it will be covered by the insurance company. Likewise, if the patient’s passport gets lost or stolen, passport renewal is included in the policy as well.

Health Tourism Insurance Policy is 500$ for limb-lengthening patients.

The exemption and the maximum limits of the limb-lengthening insurance are shown in detail in the table below:

Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

The payment will be covered by the patient till the exemption limit, and the rest will be covered by the insurance company.

For instance, you had a complication after you went to your country but the doctors in your country are not able to treat it, therefore, you have to come back to Turkey for your treatment. And, let’s say you will stay for 1 week and your accommodation expenses are 1200 TL, which is under the exemption limit when converted. Therefore, the patient should cover these expenses. However, if the expenses were in between the exemption and the maximum limit, the first 200 Euro should be covered by the patient and the rest will be covered by the insurance company.

What is Not Included in the Insurance Policy Coverage?

  1. The expenses of the medicines that are not related to limb-lengthening surgery; rehabilitation, and the physical therapy that the patient might need after the surgery (Stem Cell Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Fractional Laser Treatment, and Electro therapy are considered to be additional treatments, therefore, they are not covered by the insurance company. If any of these treatments are needed by the patient, the patient should cover their expenses themselves. If the patient has bought our accommodation package, hydrotherapy is covered by us as one of our additional services. You can reach detailed information about our accommodation package here.)
  2. Supportive care to surgery (IV drip, supportive medicines for the regulation of blood sugar or blood pressure levels, etc.) and additional examinations that are not related to the surgery
  3. If it is decided with the medical report that the patient’s rest in accommodation is arbitrary, the accommodation expenses
  4. If there is one, the companion’s accommodation expenses during the hospital stay

The things that are listed above are not included in the policy coverage.

When the decision is being made for whether the complication will be covered by the insurance company or not, all the necessary documents should have been sent to the insurance company by the patient and for 10 days, the company evaluates whether it will be covered or not. You can read about this process in more detail in the Frequently Asked Questions part.

You can reach more detailed information in the FAQs part or by contacting our patient consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. For how long the policy is valid?

    The insurance policy starts when the patient’s documents are sent to the insurance company and it is valid for 6 months from that moment. The policy covers the complications that happen 7 days after the surgery till the end of the 6th month.

  2. Who can benefit from the policy?

    Patients between the ages of 5 to 75, can benefit from the policy.

  3. How is the policy prepared for the individuals?

    The policy is prepared with the patient’s passport number.

  4. How is it decided whether the expenses of the complication will be covered by the insurance company or not?

    First of all, all the bills and the medical report that is written by the doctor about the details of the complication are sent to the insurance company. Then in 10 days, the insurance company evaluates the documents, if the expenses are in between the exemption and maximum limits and it is decided by the insurance company that the complication is appropriate to cover, the amount of the expenses are going to send to either patient’s credit card or the bank account.

  5. Does the patient have to wait for the decision of the insurance company to get treated?

    The patient can get treated without waiting for the decision of the insurance company. At first, they have to pay for the expenses themselves, and later, if it is decided that the complication will be covered by the company, the same amount of the expenses will be sent to the patient’s either credit card or bank account.

  6. What kind of complications a limb-lengthening surgery patient might encounter?

    Even though it is a rare occasion, a limb-lengthening surgery patient might encounter a simple complication; such as pin-loosening, or a more problematic one like a non-bone union. Our doctor is very successful at limb lengthening surgery and the treatment of complications. You can read more about the complications and risks here.

  7. Which documents should the patient give for the guarantee request?

    The letter of request that is signed by the policyholder for the insurance company to receive the policyholder’s medical documents
    - The first surgery report
    - The consent form that is signed by the patient about the complications
    - The patient’s declaration paper about the complication that occurred (when it started, what kind of problems the patient faced, etc.)
    - The report about the treatment of the complication, the surgery report if there is any
    - The original receipts that show the expenses of the health institution, hotel, and transportation, the document that shows the plane ticket’s destination and the date
    - The photocopies of the first pages of the stamp page that shows the entrance date of the patient’s passport to Turkey and the credentials
    - The policy number

  8. Can the policy get canceled by the patient’s request and the insurance payment can be received back?

    If the patient requests, the policy can be canceled but there are some conditions. From the time the start of the policy until when the patient requested the cancellation, the patient mustn’t have had any medical treatment in Turkey, if they did, the insurance cannot be canceled.

  9. How is the payment done when the patient gets treated in their country, how is the payment of the expenses sent to the patient?

    The medical report of the patient, the receipts, and the bank account information of the patient (Swift, IBAN) should be sent to the insurance company through the mail. The insurance company evaluates the documents in 10 days and if it provides the conditions, the company sends the payment to the patient’s bank account.

The documents that the patient will send to the insurance company should be notary certified and translated into English and both the original documents and the translated ones should be posted.

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