Limb lengthening operations are not covered by insurance. This is one of the main limiting factors for those who consider limb lengthening surgery. Wannabetaller team uses their every right to provide support on this matter

By making a pre-payment via the website you are currently using, you accept Preliminary Information Form and Distance Sales Contract which is presented to you.

The transfer fees of the transferred money are paid by the sender.

Any or all commission and bank related expenses will be borne by the Client/Patient.

Client can make changes to surgery method and date before 30 days till the surgery date.

Client can withdraw from the surgery without providing any reason before 30 days till the surgery and has the rights to get 60% of the pre-paid amount back.

If client withdraws from the surgery or changes the date when less than 30 days are left till planned surgery date, the pre-paid amount is not refunded and discount rights are lost.

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