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What Does Our Doctor Think About Limb Lengthening Surgery?

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In recent years, limb lengthening surgery has become quite popular, attracting many patients from around the world to our country. The main reason for this is the advancements Turkey has shown in the healthcare sector and the provision of high-quality services at much more affordable costs compared to abroad. In this article, we have compiled the opinions of our specialist doctor, Yunus Öç, who has many patients worldwide and performs leg lengthening surgeries, about the operation. If you wish, you can access detailed videos about the surgery on our YouTube page.

  1.  What should a person considering limb lengthening surgery take into account?
    If someone is considering limb lengthening surgery, they should primarily be aware that this process will require a long period of time. It's also crucial for them to decide whether they truly need this surgery.
  2. What should a person who wants to undergo surgery pay attention to?
    Our first priority is the health of our patients; therefore, they must pay close attention to their diet, general lifestyle, and regular medications. Another important point not to be overlooked is whether the patient's psychological state can withstand this process. Limb lengthening surgery involves a long and troublesome process; hence, I always tell my patients that the process includes not only the surgery but also the rehabilitation period. I would not recommend this surgery to those who will not take the treatment process seriously. However, I would like to emphasize that we achieve very good results with patients who are decisive about the surgery, have conducted proper research, and pay attention to the process.
  3. What are your thoughts on limb lengthening surgery methods?
    I find the Precice 2 method more suitable for cosmetic limb lengthening surgeries because it is easier to perform surgically and allows the patient to move more comfortably afterwards, sleep in any desired position in bed, and heal wounds much faster. It also enables lengthening magnetically with ease. However, compared to the LON method, the healing process may take a bit longer.

    One advantage of the LON method is that if we encounter any problems, we can resolve them more easily with the external fixator; with Precice 2, we can complete the procedure by changing the nail through another surgical operation. However, we do not encounter such situations very often; I am only mentioning the possibilities that can occur, although rarely, for a more accurate information about the methods. Also, the LON method has a lower risk of complications and some advantages in terms of loading over Precice 2.

    Both methods have their pros and cons; however, my first recommendation for limb lengthening surgeries is Precice 2. Our priority is to explain the advantages and disadvantages to all our patients and help them decide on the best method for themselves.

  4. Is it possible to gain 20cm in height with 2 surgeries?
    First and foremost, it is not possible to promise this specific amount to any patient; however, I must say that gaining 20cm in height with 2 surgeries is hardly possible.

  5. Does smoking prevent one from undergoing surgery?
    In limb lengthening surgery, what we do first is break the bone and then ensure its controlled healing. The biggest factors that disrupt this healing are poor nutrition and smoking. Smoking lowers the oxygen level in the blood vessels, preventing the healing tissue from receiving sufficient nutrients. Therefore, it becomes a serious problem during healing. For both the general health of the patients and the healing of bones, it is crucial for them to quit smoking.

As our doctor mentioned, limb lengthening surgery is a serious and arduous surgical operation. Therefore, individuals wanting to undergo surgery should be well-informed about the process and also feel psychologically prepared. If you have other questions about limb lengthening surgery, you can directly contact our patient representatives. You can also follow us on our YouTube account to view informative videos about the surgery, interviews, and physical therapy videos.



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