How to Grow Taller After Puberty?

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Is it Possible to Grow Taller after Puberty?

It is undeniable that almost all individuals in this world desire to look tall and smart. We can make efforts to look smart and fit, but it is not that simple to gain height. There might be some people in your social circle telling you how to get taller and most of the time they might get in your hair. Yet, the ways which they tell you about do not mean they will work on you. There you go! Then, you are in this crazy loop about finding ways to grow taller, especially if you are getting closer to your 20s. Well, in fact, you can grow 2 to 6 inches even after the age of 18 or after puberty. Many people think that growing taller after puberty is impossible; however, it can be done with some determination and using the right approaches. 

We are aware of naturally growing taller is not possible once your puberty ends. However, you can research limb lengthening surgery (leg lengthening surgery) because the only way for growing taller after puberty is leg lengthening surgery. Let’s see the difference between the open and the closed growth plates.

wannabetaller growth plates phases open closed

The X-ray images above show the progress of growth plates in a teenage boy’s hips. As it can be observed from the images, the bones are no longer growing due to the fact that growth plates have been fully hardened into solid bone. You can get an appointment with an endocrinologist and get an X-ray done in order to ensure whether yours are open or closed.

After you make sure that your growth plates are still open and you have a chance to increase your height, it is time to establish some new habits in your life. If you set your mind to growing 2 to 6 inches, you need to devote yourself to it. If you would like to get more information about how to grow taller during puberty, you can check out this article: How to Grow Taller During Puberty. But if your growth plates are closed, you can start thinking about limb-lengthening surgery.

How to Grow Taller After 18 / After Puberty?

Like we said before, if your growth plates are closed, the only way to grow taller permanently is limb lengthening surgery. As the Wannabetaller team, we are performing leg lengthening surgery for height increase. There are 2 methods (LON - Precice 2) and 2 types (Femur - Tibia) of leg lengthening surgery;

  • LON method from the femur or tibia (Most preferred method)
  • Precice 2 method from the femur or tibia (Most comfortable method)

General Information About Leg Lengthening Surgery

Cosmetic limb lengthening is a procedure in which the major bones of the legs (either femur or tibia) are surgically cut, then metal fixators are attached to the legs, and with the help of these devices, growth of the bones is achieved on a daily basis. The average daily amount of distraction of bones is 1 mm. In this way, a maximum of 7-8 cm height gain can be achieved on the femurs or a max of 6-7 cm on the tibia. These are the highest amount of height increase that can be achieved in a single procedure within healthy limits.

A.Limb Lengthening Surgery with LON Method;


Classical methods with an external fixator such as Ilizarov and Holyfix require a long period of external fixation until the full consolidation of bones. Patients must keep the device attached to their legs once the bones are completely strengthened. However, a shorter duration of external fixation has led to the development of new techniques such as Lengthening Over Nail (LON, also known as ) the combined method. This brings out a huge advantage in terms of removing the external fixator earlier. For instance, patients only spend around 2 or 3 months with external devices of LON on their legs compared to 9 or 12 months in completely external methods such as Ilizarov and Holyfix. 


Compared to traditional lengthening treatments, a technique focused on offering better comfort and internal bracing for the regenerated bone should have a lower complication rate, as well as simplicity of application and cost-effectiveness. In addition to all of these, Holyfix and LON (The Combined Method) apparatus have such a superior design allowing accelerated bone formation and transferring the burden from the bone without any shortening (Dynamization). For more detail, you can visit our LON Method page.

B.Limb Lengthening Surgery with Precice 2 Method;


Precice 2 system (NuVasive Specialized Orthopedics (NSO)) offers a less-invasive procedure in Limb Lengthening surgery. It has been used since 2011 and has been one of the most preferred methods by most patients so far in terms of amenity and biological safety. Elongation is achieved using intramedullary techniques, with is with nails that are fully implanted in the patient. The two ends of the telescopic nails slowly pull apart, creating a gap in the bone. 


In addition to this, there is no external metal device attached to the legs. These are the most notable advantages over traditional methods used external fixators which have been related to infuriating discomfort, prolonged treatment times, and the risk of pin-tract infections, which may lead to osteomyelitis.

PRECICE 2 nails are American-made intramedullary nails used for limb lengthening. An External Remote Controller (ERC) is utilized to lengthen the nails, which interacts with magnets within the nails. For more details, you can visit our Precice 2 Method page.

You can obtain more information by reading the different limb lengthening surgery methods


You can watch the videos about the surgery methods of limb lengthening on our Youtube Channel;

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