Limb Lengthening Surgery and Post-Operative Care Services

Limb Lengthening 'ONLY' in Proven Scientific Limits

Wanna Be Taller® team is dedicated to working tirelessly to provide you the best assistance, facilities, and care throughout your limb lengthening experience. We constantly endeavor to create a comfortable environment for you so that you have a beautiful experience from the moment you arrive in Istanbul until the time you achieve your desired height. We are always attentive to all your needs from greeting and welcoming you on your arrival at the airport, and the journey to your hotel and the hospital. Our mission is to help you feel at home with us in Istanbul.

Surgery Methods and Features

Here is the list of the limb lengthening surgery methods performed by our surgeon, their features, and prices:

Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods and Features

Included Services in the Surgery Cost

  • Meeting our patients at the airport
  • VIP Transportation throughout your entire journey
  • Accommodation in a 4-star hotel for 2 days before the operation
  • An English-speaking caregiver who will assist our patients during a hospital stay
  • A Complimentary Istanbul tour, including historical and touristic visits, boat tour, and meals in famous restaurants
  • Medical examinations before the surgical operation
  • 5-days of hospitalization
  • Physiotherapist’s assistance and related medications during the patient’s hospitalization
  • Walker, crutches & wheelchair
  • Limb Lengthening Patient Kit with 40 pages patient guide
  • FREE consultation with doctors and consultants, whenever the patient needs.
  • All hospital charges relating to the operating room and recovery room.
  • Hospital, Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Surgery assistant fees.

Step by Step Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb Lengthening Surgery Personalized Patient Consultation

1. Personalized Patient Consultation

You can contact us via Mail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber and get FREE consultation service, extensive information about limb lengthening methods, pre and post-surgery procedures and services. We provide free consultation, because we believe you have all the rights to learn everything related to limb lengthening before making a decision and actually proceeding to it. If you want more technical and detailed information about surgical techniques, used materials, devices or just have an online chat with the surgeon we work with, you can book a paid video consultation session by making a request to patient consultation expert.

Please visit Personalized Patient Consultant page for more detail.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Checklist

2. Making a Decision and Reservation Process

After acquiring all information you need, you can make your choices of surgery method, the part of limb you are planning to have operated (femur or tibia for legs, forearm/humerus for arms), plan a date for your surgery, decide whether you are going to stay in Turkey for the duration of treatment or return home after a brief hospital stay. By properly filling out the form provided by our patient consultant, you will let us know about your decisions and preferences. Thus it enables us to provide you the highest quality services in nearest time. If you have difficulties in making choices, you can always contact your patient consultant for further information and guidance.

Please visit Personalized Patient Consultant page for more detail.

Visa Application

3. Visa Application

Patients must apply for a visa/e-visa before coming to Turkey. Applications are usually made online or from embassies. Some citizens of the country are exempt from visas and can enter the country easily for touristic purposes. They are entitled to a total stay of 90 days from the first day of arrival. However, for some, visa procedures can be a bit challenging. In addition to this, procedures and paperwork may take time to collect. In this case, as the Wannabetaller team, we can send you a medical invitation letter from here to shorten your visa procedures a little bit more. Thanks to our membership in the Turkish Service Exporters Association, we are able to send invitation letters to foreign patients officially. For more information, please contact the patient consultant.

Please visit Turkey Visa Assistance page for more detail.

Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

4. Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance

If you wonder what this insurance is for or how it may help you, it is the first health insurance that is prepared for patients from abroad who come to Turkey for health tourism to cover the patient’s complication expenses after the surgery if it happens. Thanks to this insurance policy, if revision surgery is needed due to the possibility of a complication for foreign patients, or Turkish patients that live in a different country, after the surgery, it is securitized.

Please visit Health Tourism Guarantee Insurance page for more detail.

5. Preparing for Your Visit to Turkey

It is very important to obtain information about what kind of document you need to enter Turkey. We are able to provide help in getting e-visas/regular visas, or residence permits in case you plan to stay for long periods and your visa doesn’t allow you to do so. It is recommended to book your airplane ticket long before your travel as well so that you do not miss your surgery date due to tickets being sold out on that date.

We have also included a caretaker service in the surgery cost you pay. A caretaker speaking your language will be around whenever you want during your hospital stay.

Please visit Pre-Operative Procedures page for more detail.

6. Pre-Operative Examination and Surgery

Our staff will wait for you at the airport. Once you arrive, you will be taken to your 5-star hotel for a good rest. On the next day, you will be taken on a guided city tour to see our beautiful Istanbul city, enjoy local meals and the best sights. Then, the driver will take you to the hospital for taking important tests to make sure you are eligible for this surgery. Test results are usually arranged later on the same day, or on the next day. Finally, you will be taken to the doctor’s clinic to have face-to-face consultation.

When every step before the surgery is completed, a consent form will be presented to be signed by you. Once you give consent for the surgical operation to be performed, you will be taken to the hospital for the surgery.

Please visit Pre-Operative Procedures page for more detail.

7. Hospital Process

The hospital where you will have limb lengthening surgery determines the quality of your surgery. That’s why we work with one of the best hospitals in Turkey for you.

Beykent University Hospital which has been serving in the Büyükçekmece district of Istanbul, has been operating as a modern university hospital since 2019 as a result of its cooperation with Beykent University.

Once your doctor confirms that you are eligible, you are now ready for the surgery. You will be admitted to Beykent University Hospital for about 5 days, which has proven itself with advanced technological facilities, hygienic surgical environments, and advanced health service delivery. During your stay in the hospital, your caretaker whom arranged by our company, will accompany you in all matters. To be noted, most private hospitals’ Quality Management System in Turkey were created in line with Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards and Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Health.

Please visit Hospital Process and Surgery page for more detail.

8. Shortly After Surgery

Congratulations on having your limb lengthening surgery successfully! On the next day after surgery, we will provide you a walker to make your first steps (Precice 2.2 method is an exception because you cannot walk for the first 2-2.5 months in this method. You will be gifted a wheelchair to move around). A caretaker will be at hand for your additional needs. After 4-5 days, when you are about to be released from the hospital, your doctor will give necessary instructions about how to make daily distractions (lengthening), how to clean pin sites and change bandages, and what to do to improve your walking and reduce pain. We will double-check to make sure you can do these on your own.

Please visit Hospital Process and Surgery page for more detail.

Physiotherapy Service

9. Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy is quite significant in the course of the lengthening process. At least 4-5 physiotherapy sessions should be taken per week for the first 2 or 3 months after the surgery. The doctor should be consulted about how many physio sessions should be taken in the following months. As Wannabetaller Team, we provide this service in the best way for our patients. During your stay here, your recovery progress will proceed more efficiently and healthily with the help of our experienced physiotherapist.

Please visit Physiotherapy page for more detail.

10. Several Months After Surgery

Patients are usually expected to return their daily lives and be able to walk unaided within 4/5 months after the surgery. However, the duration may prolong depending on the recovery process. We would like to give an inspiring real-life experience from one of our patients. He had undergone two surgeries and went back to his normal life. Please visit his Youtube Channel which our patient shares his experience throughout his leg-lengthening journey.

Ezgi Tanıl

11. Psychological Counseling Service

Before getting limb lengthening surgery done, it is crystal clear that patients prepare themselves financially and psychologically. Whereas financial issues can be arranged easily, preparing ourselves mentally might not be that simple. As Wannabetaller Team, we provide you psychological counseling service before surgery by our specialist psychotherapist. The aim of it is to be certain what patients expect after surgery and if they have got real expectations. As well as pre-surgery, we make sure to provide it for post-surgery. Since it is major surgery, patients may go through a rough time psychologically. That’s why we offer this service so that the process can proceed healthily.

Please visit Additional Services page for more detail.

Dietitian Services

12. Dietitian Services

During the lengthening process, one of the most important factors is undoubtedly nutrition. Your psychological state in the process can lead to an unhealthy diet, and this may affect your health negatively. Therefore, as Wannabetaller Team, we offer our dietitian service that the nutritional routines of our patients can be monitored by our dietitian twice a month.

Please visit Additional Services page for more detail.

Accommodation & Post-operation Care

We provide patient accommodation, post-operative care, and physiotherapy services at Hampton by Hilton Istanbul. For other accommodation facilities and prices, please visit Accommodation services page.

  • Accommodation + 3 meals/day
  • Personalized Physical Therapy
  • X-rays, tests & examinations
  • Medications
  • Psychologic Counselling Service (Twice a month)
  • Dietitian Services (Twice a month)
  • Fitness, Free WI-FI internet, daily room cleaning, clean towels, and linen changes
  • 24/7 business center use for those who continue their work remotely
  • Activities outside the hotel and special tours for the patients to relax, breathe, and increase their motivation once a month

All inclusive: 3,350 $  2,450 $/ per month

(3 month-package: 7,150$)

Our Gift: Complimentary Istanbul Tour

Istanbul is one of the cities on the must-go list of many people around the world. It is a city rich in both Byzanthian and Ottoman, Christian and Islamic, western and eastern heritage. The fascinating views of the Bosphorus are to die for. Istanbul is a city with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia.

Our dear patient, you are very lucky to visit Istanbul for your treatment! For choosing us, we provide you with a free Istanbul city tour. Together with a friendly guide speaking your language, you will:

  • Visit the landmarks of Istanbul, such as the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Galata Tower, and many more
  • Go for an enjoyable boat trip in the waters of the Bosphorus
  • Taste delicious Turkish local meals, appetizers, and desserts

Our Certificates

HIB Membership Wannabetaller

HIB Membership Certificate

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate

A Group Travel Agency

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Juan Carcheri 2023-03-04 14:30:22

I am 68, heard is safe to do it , let me know if possible, Thanks


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-03-04 15:01

Hello, thanks for your comment. With the right choice doctor who is experienced in this field and a team that offers qualified medical services for post-op, limb lengthening surgery is safe to do. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, Wannabetaller Team Regards, Wannabetaller Team

Ar2023-02-21 12:44:32

My question is,, do you offer limb shortening such as height reduction surgery, if someone doesn't like to be tall?


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-02-21 13:12

Hello, thanks for your comment. Yes, we do offer a limb-shortening procedure. Recently, our doctor performed one height reduction surgery, and as a result, the patient was shortened by 4.9 cm. The reduction was made over femurs. You can learn more details about the procedure; Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, Wannabetaller Team Regards, Wannabetaller Team

SEAN A BOSE2023-02-15 13:52:19

hello I am interested in both femur and tibia process, whats the opinion on this? cost and length of stay needed?


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2023-02-15 14:33

Hello, thanks for your comment. Quadrilateral surgery is not performed by our doctor because it is too risky. For example, there is a high risk of embolism, and long duration of anesthesia and there can be multitrauma in the legs. Thus, he prefers doing the second lengthening surgery at least a month apart. Or 3/6/12 months after the first surgery. If you do both surgeries 3 months apart, you need to stay here under the supervision of our team for 5-6 months. Walking unaided can be expected in 6-7 months after the second lengthening surgery. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, Wannabetaller Team Regards, Wannabetaller Team

Will E2022-11-23 04:34:06

Hello, I want to gain 10 cm in height using the femur procedure. Is that possible and allowed if you have good flexibility?


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2022-11-23 11:03

Hello, thanks for your comment. Whereas the Precice 2 nails can allow patients to achieve up to 8 cm, the LON mechanism can allow them to gain up to 9.5 cm. Yet, well-known orthopedic doctors such as Dr. Paley and our doctor, advise individuals to stay within the safe limits. It is not advised to exceed them in terms of health and proportionality. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Kenny Schmidt2022-11-05 23:03:06

Hi, Im german and im 187cm and play basketball. I have long femurs and would want lenghten my tiabias 7cm, if possible more then 8cm - i would have more chances in my sport with 194cm or 195cm. 1.) Can I lenghten my tibia 8 cm, if my muscles are very long and stretchable? 2.) How much is the internal nail removal after just about 1 year or is this included? Thank you.


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2022-11-07 11:22

Hello, thanks for your comment. Even though the maximum safe limit for Femur is 8 cm and 7 cm for Tibia, these limits can be exceeded in some rare cases. If your pain tolerance is high and has quite flexible muscles/tendon/ligament(nerves/soft tissues, you can distract the tibia up to 8 cm. After the physical examination with the doctor, he measures the length of each bone on the X-ray, you will be given the healthiest answer regarding the estimated height achievement and proportionality by the doctor. The current internal nail removal surgery price is 1500 USD, and the quote might change in the coming months. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Napoleon2022-06-27 04:14:21

Hi, at the age of 35, I'm a Chinese who is currently 159cm. I want to increase 11~12cm. To achieve that, it seems that I need surgery both on the femur and tibia. My questions are: 1, How long would the whole process take (surgery + recovery)? 2, Does it mean that it is double the surgery cost?


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2022-06-28 18:04

Hello, thanks for your comment. 1. Per segment, a maximum of 8/7 cm can be achieved. In order to gain 11/12 cm, you need to undergo two separate bilateral surgeries. If the time gap is kept 1 month between the two surgeries, the recovery may take 5/6 months. If 3 months, then it will be 7/8 months. 2. The surgery cost will double for two operations. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Danny2022-06-05 03:29:20

Hello Im just wondering which bone is recommended for lengthening for the fastest recovery and proportional looking( I want to add about 7cm)


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2022-06-06 17:47

Hello, thanks for your comment. Since femurs tend to heal faster, some patients tend to choose to lengthen the upper limb. In terms of proportionality, the X-ray is taken before the surgery, and the bones are measured on the computer by the doctor. Depending on the results, the doctor gives the best-estimated height achievement plan to the patients. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

farah2022-05-01 04:55:19

Hi i am an American who is studying in turkey. Can I lengthen my femur 12cm.


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-05-02 22:13

Hello thanks for your comment, maximum safe limit for Femur is 8 cm. If it is lengthened more than the advised height, it will increase the higher risks of a limited range of motion and nerve damage. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Sandra 2022-03-31 16:55:41

Hi Wanna Be Taller Team, What is included in those prices? How many nails, two for two legs or it's a price for one leg? Precice 2 – 36 263 € Precice Stryde – 49 500 €


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-04-01 10:57

Hello, thanks for your comment. The information you have required has been sent to your email address. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Poptar oty2022-03-10 15:17:43

I can't stay more than 1 month . can i do stryde length surgery and comeback to home country . Use lengthing device by myself ?


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-03-10 15:22

Hello, thanks for your comment. Styrde nails are not available around the world, however, Precice nails are available. If you would like to go for Precice 2, you are advised to stay in Turkey for at least 3/4 weeks. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Ronnie2022-03-02 02:46:11

Can I pay for surgery with Turkish lira?


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-03-02 11:22

Hello, thanks for your comment. The response has been sent to your email address.

Roberto Hernandez2022-02-16 22:37:48

How is the consultation done if I live in the US? Do you have something explaining the Precise or Stryde needle procedure at you clinic? How long is the surgery, If I do femurs only and if I do both, also the Tibias? How long for total stay and that me n between surgeries? Thanks


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-02-17 16:55

Hello, thanks for your comment. You can have an online consultation with one of our doctors by paying the consultation fee. It is 80 €. There should be at least 3 months between the two surgeries, however, it may be longer depending on your recovery speed. The minimum duration for an internal method is a month, and the maximum is 4 months. The doctors mostly go for general anesthesia, but local anesthesia can be done with the patient's request. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Adam Gallegos2022-02-06 13:28:09

I was hoping to have a consultation if at all possible. Thank you!


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-02-06 19:43

Hello, Mr. Adam thanks for your comment. You will be contacted by our patient consultation expert regarding the online consultation.

Tim Park2022-02-04 07:32:48

Hi, I'm an asian american who wants to be a bit taller.
I'm currently 168cm. I'm going to school right now. I only have two months to do lengthening.
I'm thinking about 4cm~5cm on my tibia. Is this possible? Can I be back to my country in two months?
Thank you.


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-02-06 19:48

Hello, Mr. Tim thanks for your comment. You need to stay here for 1.5 or 2.5 months considering 4/5 cm achievement. Then, you can go back to your country. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

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