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Can I Increase 10cm Height?

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The answer to the question "Can I increase 10cm height?" varies greatly depending on the age range mentioned. Nowadays, a variety of methods are being tried to increase height, and there are many unknowns about how height growth actually occurs. In this article, we will explain under what conditions a 10 cm increase in height is possible, as well as the basic logic behind the height growth process.

Before returning to the main question, it should be noted that biologically, height growth continues for every individual until the end of puberty. The main reason for this is the growth plates in our bodies that facilitate height growth continue to work actively until the end of puberty. After puberty, these growth plates close and lose their activity, and since they will no longer contribute to height growth, the growth in height stops. Therefore, the first point that needs to be made is that a 10 cm increase in height after puberty is not possible.

Before the end of puberty, it is not possible to make any inference about the amount of height growth regardless of the individual's age. Height is influenced by genetic factors as well as diet, overall health condition, chronic illnesses, and exercise routine. Therefore, the amount of growth is individual, and it is impossible to make any predictions. While a 12-year-old child might grow 10 cm, another child of the same age might grow more or less. Hence, especially for children, if there is no existing condition, the main focus for height growth and development should be on a healthy diet.

Does Height Increase after Puberty?

Can I Increase 10cm Height?As we have mentioned above, height growth is not possible after puberty due to the closure of the growth plates. At this point, whether it's 1 cm or 10 cm, biological height growth completely stops. Given this, many people turn to methods like height growth medications, growth hormone, and surgery to increase their height after puberty. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions related to these methods. To summarize these treatment methods briefly;

  • Height growth medications: After puberty, biological height growth is not possible. Therefore, any medication or dietary supplement used will not have an effect on individuals. Especially regarding height growth medications, it's important to be informed and not to use any medication without consulting an orthopedic doctor. Aside from having no contribution to height growth, these medications can also have serious side effects. Therefore, one should be careful and not try any method that could risk their health. We especially want to emphasize that these are definitely not suitable for children.

  • Growth hormone treatment: Contrary to popular belief, growth hormone treatment is not a preferred method for adults. It is only applied to children with growth and development disorders, prescribed by a doctor. Hence, it is not a method that individuals looking to increase their height after puberty can choose.

  • Limb lengthening surgery: Particularly becoming very popular in recent years, leg lengthening surgery is a surgical method applied to increase the height of individuals who have completed their puberty. Leg lengthening surgery is the only height increasing method that provides real results. However, individuals wishing to undergo surgery must first successfully complete the necessary medical examinations.

Limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation; therefore, it's very important for patients to undergo the necessary health check-ups and to be psychologically prepared for this process. If you have completed your puberty and are looking for an effective method to increase your height, it's very important to stay away from methods like height growth medications and growth hormone treatment. If you have used them before, we recommend getting support by consulting a doctor. 

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