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Success Stories
Success Stories
Limb Lengthening Surgery Before & After
Limb Lengthening Surgery Before & After
Success Stories
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Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories
Success Stories

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Limb Lengthening Surgery LON Method Patient
Limb Lengthening Surgery Precice 2 Method Patient
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Importance of Physiotherapy in Limb Lengthening
New Physiotherapy Center for Limb Lengthening Patients
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For more information on Leg Lengthening Surgery Results and Patients Success Stories; please visit: Success Stories

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Op. Dr. and Assitant Professor Yunus Öç is happy to assist you with operations of the Orthopedics and Traumatology branch, such as limb lengthening, limb reduction, limb deformity and so on. You can contact us to make an appointment for an examination with our doctor or to schedule an online consultation.

The healthcare representative of our team demonstrates to our patient how to make a manual extension in the LON method.

PRECICE Stryde is the most safest and comfortable method used for cosmetic limb lengthening worldwide. Patients do the daily extension in a practical way with an external remote controller (ERC) and each day, they get closer to the targeted amount of height.

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Jim2022-12-13 06:59:58

Hi,I’m currently about 6’ I want to get the full 15cm done. From start to finish how long until I’m able to walk normally?I understand there will be two surgery’s to accomplish that is that correct?


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2022-12-13 11:53

Hello, thanks for your comment. Preferably, the doctor performs the second lengthening surgery 6 months apart at the latest. Generally, walking normally and unaided after a single surgery takes 5/6 months. In case you do two surgeries 6 months apart, you will walk freely at the end of the year. However, you will avoid doing heavy exercises or sports as long as the doctor tells you. Please feel free to get in touch with us. WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Roger2022-10-26 22:28:51

When is the soonest that you are allowed to go back home? It looks like you have to stay for a long time, and since I do work, mostly Telework, I would be worried about the length of time I would be out of work.


WannaBeTaller - Makbule2022-10-27 11:29

Hello, thanks for your comment. You need to spare 4/5 months for the lengthening period and the recovery time. Roughly, you will be able to return your work 5 months after the surgery. Patients are advised to stay here for 3 months on average to receive proper medical care. Then, they can go back to their hometown. For more personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

Jason2022-05-17 08:30:39

I want to lengthen my femur exactly 10cm. My question is it possible and what is the percentage of risk after lengthening 8cm


Wanna Be Taller - Admin2022-05-17 13:46

Hello, thanks for your comment. Technically, it is possible to achieve 10 cm on Femur since the muscle quantity is much more on the upper legs. However, exceeding the maximum safe limit (8 cm) may lead to some potential risks and complications such as nerve damage, muscle/joint contractures, soft tissue ruptures, and so on, which can be permanent. During the face-to-face consultation with the doctor, the legs are examined through X-rays. If the doctor finds that the legs' flexibility is sufficient to achieve more than 8 cm, he will make small incisions on some specific muscles during the surgery to release the tension and help them to extend much better during the lengthening period. For more information and personalized consultation please contact us via WhatsApp/Telegram +90 531 988 30 90 or e-mail [email protected] Regards, WannaBeTaller Team

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