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Physiotherapy is quite significant in the course of the lengthening process. At least 4 to 5 physiotherapy sessions should be scheduled per week for the first 2 or 3 months after the surgery. The doctor should be consulted to determine how many physio sessions should be taken in the following months. As WannaBeTaller Team, we provide this service in the best way for our patients. During your stay here, your recovery progress will proceed more efficiently and healthily with the help of our experienced physiotherapists. Your recovery will continue during your stay here in Istanbul.

Every single patient is assisted by a member of the WBT team during every stage of the lengthening procedure, beginning with the initial contact. The WBT team members are accessible for the duration of your stay in Turkey. Every patient receives first-rate care from our dedicated and skilled staff.

Physiotherapy in limb lengthening

Physiotherapy and exercises have such a big importance during the limb-lengthening process. It cannot be thought of separately from a healthy leg lengthening experience. Let us explain why it is so important to get the service of physiotherapy in limb-lengthening procedures and do daily exercises.

If you have done some research about limb-lengthening surgeries, you probably know that the bones are able to lengthen by distracting them, which is called osteotomy (surgical breaking). As the bones get longer and longer, all the surrounding soft tissues; which are blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and tendons are being stretched. These tissues can tolerate this tension until some point but because most patients want at least 5-7 of height lengthening in this process, this causes tension and results in pain, and limits the mobility of the feet and legs.

It is a known fact that through physical activities, it is possible to train our muscles to make them more flexible, stronger, and larger in appearance. This also applies to leg lengthening. With the help of physiotherapy and stretching exercises, we are able to train our legs to be more flexible and get used to the increased length of the bones.

Physiotherapy is crucial for the limb-lengthening surgery process, otherwise, abnormal tension occurs which causes severe pain, making it almost impossible to walk and in severe cases, it can even cause nerve damage if the distraction process is carried on under this condition.

Even though our patients do some exercises on their own, it is proven to be insufficient without external help for a healthy limb-lengthening procedure. Although patients might be consistent and disciplined with their own exercise regime, they may still not be challenging their muscles enough without having professional knowledge. A professional and experienced physiotherapist will force the limits of the patient in a good to help them leave their comfort zones and increase their range of movements.



You may wonder what Hydrotherapy, Aquatherapy in other words, is. It is actually doing the physical therapy exercises in a warm pool, which helps the patient ease their pain. Hydrotherapy is especially recommended for our Precice 2 patients during their lengthening process because, with Precice 2 nails inserted into the legs of the patients, they cannot bear much weight on their legs. Because of the risk of breaking the intramedullary nails, Precice 2 patients can only do physical therapy in bed. However, with Hydrotherapy, they can do standing exercises thanks to the lifting force of the water.

You read more about Hydrotherapy and see a video of our patient doing Hydrotherapy from this article.

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Ryan S 2023-05-20 03:36:41

Does the therapy have to be done in Turkey? I live in America and I have physical therapy offices here. Is it possible that they would be able to perform those movements here? It would be difficult or impossible for me to stay in turkey for three months.


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-05-22 16:56

Staying close to the doctor and the hospital are highly advised for patients. The very first 3 months are open to potential complications and if it is faced, it needs to be treated on time and properly. Regards, WBT.

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