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Hospital Process

The hospital where you will have the limb lengthening surgery determines the quality of your surgery. That’s why we work with one of the best hospitals in Turkey for your comfort.

Once your doctor confirms that you are eligible, you are now ready for the surgery. You will be admitted to Birinci International Hospital for about 5 days, which has proven itself with advanced technological facilities, hygienic surgical environments, and advanced health service delivery. To be noted, most private hospitals’ Quality Management Systems in Turkey was created in line with Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Standards and Ministry of Health Quality Standards in Health.

Shortly After the Surgery

A caregiver who speaks your language will be on hand to assist you with any additional requirements. After 4-5 days, when you are about to be discharged from the hospital, your doctor will give necessary instructions about how to make daily distractions (lengthening), how to clean pin sites and change bandages, and what to do to improve your walking and reduce your pain. We will double-check to make sure you can complete these tasks on your own.

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