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Long before you arrive in Turkey, you have a chance to get a Free consultation service. You can contact us via Mail, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Viber to get extensive information about limb lengthening methods, pre, and post-surgery procedures, and services. We provide free consultation for our patient candidates because we believe you have all the right to learn everything related to limb lengthening before making a decision and actually proceeding to it.

Our Patient Consultation Expert Makbuljana Haruni will provide all the information that you would like to get about limb lengthening surgery. If you want more technical and detailed information about surgical techniques, used materials, and devices or just have an online consultation with the surgeon we work with, you can book a paid video consultation session by making a request to the patient consultation expert, Makbuljana. It’s an extra charge of 80$.

Patient Consultation Expert is committed to providing our patients with the best assistance, facilities, and care possible throughout their limb-lengthening journey with us. We always strive to create a welcoming environment for you, so that you have a wonderful experience from the moment you arrive in Istanbul until you reach your desired height. We are always attentive to your needs and create a caring and nurturing environment for you so that you feel at home with us in Istanbul, from greeting and welcoming you at the airport to the journey to your hotel and hospital.

Makbuljana HARUNİ

Patient Consultation Expert

Making a Decision and Reservation Process

Making a Decision and Reservation Process

After acquiring all the information you need, you can make your choices of surgery method, the part of the limb you are planning to have operated on (femur or tibia for legs, forearm/humerus for arms), plan the date for your surgery, decide whether you are going to stay in Turkey for the duration of your treatment or return home after a brief hospital stay. By properly filling out the form provided by our patient consultant, you will let us know about your decisions and preferences. Thus it enables us to provide you with the highest quality services in the nearest time. You can still change your final decision on your surgery method until the day of your surgery. If you have any difficulties in making choices, you can always contact your patient consultant for further information and guidance.

During the reservation process, the patient pays the %10 of their total payment as a deposit and they sign the deposit agreement, which is binding for 1 year. The deposit agreement provides the payment to stay at the same price for 1 year. 10-15 days after the surgery, the full payment of the surgery and the accommodation should be made either by cash or a bank.

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