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Holyfix / A Counselling Psychologist

My leg lengthening diary with Holyfix method – A Counseling psychologist

Before to tell about my leg lengthening adventure, I want to tell some words about my pre-surgery life.  Because my pain was not in the process, it was before the surgery. Being short, look down from the bottom, closer to the place deeply affects the entire human life, thinking and quality of life.

My height was 1.62 cm when I was 14 and I didn’t grow up from that time. I had almost  the same height. When my friends grew up and I stayed in the same size and saw their growth, it made me feel bad. This was of course not begrudge the success of my friends, but only a pain of not being “normal”.

I began to research about how to increase my height when I got to understand myself. I tried to do every thing that I had heard for lengthening. After I tried the products that circulated on the internet, I realized that I could not go on any longer, I would only do leg lengthening surgery.

Since I did not have a financial situation, I waited to be appointed as a Psychological Counselor / Directory Teacher. And in the first opportunity I had a surgery.

Normally, I’m afraid of a needle, but to feel “short” makes any person to do many things.

And that day (June 8, 2015) injected an encouraging anesthetic to me and drowned. The operation with Holyfix method  took 2 hours. When I woke up, I was quite enjoyed by the effects of anesthesia. I did not have any pain. And unlike my normal life, there were devices on my legs. I’d live with him for a long time, and I’d sleep with 12 nailed devices.

Though the device made feel worse and worse, but it was a pleasure to know that, I would be taller and passed my “short height” times  away. 2nd day I could get up using the walker. I stayed in the hospital for 5 days. Sometimes  I felt a pain, but It was done serums and needle against my pain in the hospital.

I was discharged from the hospital and flew to Adana to my family. I was doing distracted rate of 1 mm per day and it made me happy. I had a brother who compared his height with me. Normally I would be get very irritated, but as I knew I would be taller, let him compare his height with me. Of course, my family thought I did a legs correction  surgery, not lengthening. Only my companion, who was accompanying me, was aware of lengthening. After a month, my brother gave up to compare our heights

It’s not simple to lengthen  1 mm per day. But, of course, not everything was royalty. Often I could not sleep cause of pain. I was having hard nights. Anyway, it was not unbearable pain and I was relieved when took painkillers. And for the first two months, I did not feel too much tension on my legs, because I went to physical therapy.

Stopping the lengthning at 6.1 cm in the doctor’s control. I left behind the most important and hard part – painful part. I was getting better every day. At the end of the 3rd month, I was able to take my first steps without support. I can not forget that day. I noticed how enjoyable the was a walk without any support.

I spent the next months waiting for consolidation. Obviously, I didn’t like to stay at home and couldn’t go out. It felt stressing which negatively affected my consolidation. And, of course, when I had to drink Calcium D3 pills from the beginning of the process, I started very late. And I was lazy about some exercises, in result my consolidation took a long time. Normal consolidation period was for 10 months, but I had to live with the device for more than a year.

At last, I took a risk of breaking the bones and decided to remove the device at a doctor’s control 1 month earlier. It was a risky but accurate decision for me.

Now it is 36 days my device are removed. I had no pain since the first day of device was removed. I just used the seat cuff to walk for a while because I took the risk and removed it early. Now I can walk comfortably without support. But sometimes I use a precautionary handle like a cane.

Fortunately, everything is left behind. I went to a tailor and extended my old pants. I got your new ones too. When I went to my office, my friends noticed the change. One of my colleagues was surprised a lot. The hairdresser I went to 5-6 days ago also realized that I was taller than before

I also realized that after the lengthening, people around me seem to be shrinking. As if I did not grow up, but they got shorter.

It took me more than 1 year to get this result. I’ve suffered so much pain, I’ve had a lot of difficulties. As Mevlana said, all good things come after patience.

I’ve lived many interesting things, but instead of writing too long, if you have any questions, feel free to ask and  I’d be glad to answer them.

Below you can see the photos and videos I’ve taken during my lengthening period.

Leg Lengthening Surgery Photos

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I would like to give an update on my story, this one is probably my last one.

We had an interview with Bussiness Insider, one of the World’s most popular broadcasting organizations, last month. I’ve never thought that my story would be this popular and published on sites like this. After that, it got also published in many more places like Business News, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

I am not telling you this to flaunt but to be an inspiration.

Before the surgery, I used to be someone that stayed away from people and just read books to comfort myself. I stayed from everything and everyone. Bu now, hundreds of thousands of people know my story. I hope I can manage this responsibility on my shoulders and can support the people that have gone through the same problem as me to the best of my ability. I am always open to new opinions, suggestions, and ideas.

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