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Our Patient's Condition 6 Years After Lengthening Surgery

6 Years After Lengthening Surgery

My short height always harmed me psychologically. That’s why I searched for ways to increase my height for a long time. I tried medications, exercises, and many different ways to increase my height, but I didn’t get any results. I really wanted to grow taller, so I had an X-ray of my hand to find out if my growth plates are open but unfortunately, I found out that my  growth plates  were closed.

I understood that my height would not increase in a way except for surgery. For about a year, I searched about limb lengtheningmethods and experienced doctors. Finally, I decided to lengthen my tibia bones using the Ilizarov method.

My surgery went successful, and a few days afterthe operation, I started to walk with a walker. I walked with support for about a month.

When my lengthening reached 4 cm, I started to have nerve and muscle pain; my pain increased as the lengthening increased. My goal was a 7 cm extension and I was determined to reach it.

After my 7 cm lengthening was over, my muscle and nerve pain decreased. I can say that the process was actually difficult but somewhere it was because of me. I had ballerina syndrome because I did not have physical therapy during my lengthening period and also barely did stretching exercises. I was lazy at exercises.

About 1 year later, the devices were removed from my legs. Though my ballerina syndrome decreased, it took me another month to walk without any support.

Now, 6 years have passed since my surgery. 6 years after lengthening surgery there is no pain in my legs at all. Before the surgery, people used to say that I would feel pain in broken bones/new healed bones in cold weather; but I don’t feel any pain either.

As I was operated by the Ilizarov method, there are per ten scars on my legs. These scars were dark but then they turned to light in color and do not bother me at all.

Right now I can run and jump normally. The only problem with running is when I run fast, I can get tired immediately.

If you decide to have a limb lengthening surgery, I recommend you to have physical therapy during your lengthening period. I think physical therapy is as important as the surgery itself. Unfortunately, I realized it a bit late.

Despite all this, I’m happy when I look in the mirror and I’m glad I had this surgery !!!

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