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58-Year-Old Patient Getting Femoral Limb Lengthening Surgery

A 58-Year-Old Patient Getting Femoral Limb Lengthening Surgery

This writing is all about our 58-year-old smiling patient who has got always positive energy and is very eager to do limb lengthening surgery. He contacted us for the first time on 07.11.2021 via social media and whatsapp. Our patient consultation expert who took a close interest in our patient made more detailed phone call with him after giving general information about limb lengthening methods of limb lengthening as well as treatments and the process. After that, our patient wanted to meet our doctor.

Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening SurgeryHe always had a big dream of getting taller from his childhood. He said that his psychology was deteriorating and his self-confidence was decreasing day by day and thus, he had lots of problems in the society due to his short height. He started to do some research about the techniques of limb lengthening especially from his military years in consequence of those problems. He went to a lot of hospitals and saw doctors. Then, he looked for different limb lengthening methods because he believes that length criterion is crucial as much as intelligence, especially in the business world. Therefore, he determined to have the limb lengthening surgery at the time as soon as possible when his social and economic conditions were suitable.

Wanna Be Taller Limb Lengthening Surgery Vitamin

In the same week, we invited him to our hotel so that he could talk with our patients and meet our doctor. Thereafter, he said that he was very eager to do limb lengthening surgery and wanted to do what needed to be done once he met our doctor again and patients at the hotel. The very next day, pre-operative medical examination was done to our patient. Unfortunately, it appeared that he had the beginning of osteoporosis. Furthermore, taking into account his age, our doctor thought that the limb lengthening surgery could be riskier to do at that time. While the bones can be fused in a shorter time in young people, this process can be much longer and has risks in old people due to changing bone structures as age progresses. Considering these risks, our doctor decided to postpone the surgery date of our patient and commenced to treatments which aimed to strengthen the bones of our patient as much as they could. With vitamins and supplements, the 3-month treatment process began.

“If you asked me a question like ‘Would you like to conquer İstanbul or get taller?’, I of course would say”please make me taller” After the three-month treatment process, he decided that he must go to İzmir because of his personal matters, and what a coincidence that the life presented a spectacular opportunity to him. In life, people face a variety of situations every day, and they have sometimes a negative attitude towards to their experiences but these may lead to positive experience which bears different opportunities. Fortunately, that beautiful surprise happened to our patient. He didn’t go to İzmir since the personal matter was resolved on its own. In this way, the opportunity he desired was given to him and that made him rethink about the surgery. Two days later, our patient consultation expert called him out of the blue and told him perhaps the best news that he has ever got. Our doctor who re-examined the results of our patient, said that three month of bone treatment was sufficient and thereby, he could perform the surgery upon our patient’s request.

To watch the candid interview of our 58-year-old patient before the 'Combined Method' Femur Lengthening Surgery:

58-year-old patient femoral limb lengthening surgery Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient Before Surgery

And the expected day had come. Our patient who said that ‘I absolutely trust you and your team and I am pretty excited now’ had his femoral lengthening surgery with ‘The Combined Method’ on 5th of April, 2022 in the morning. Fortunately, the surgery went smoothly without any complications. He stayed at the hotel where our patients stay for about two and a half weeks after the operation. In this process, X-ray of our patient was taken and regular health check-ups were done.

58-year-old patient femoral limb lengthening surgery Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient After Surgery

The x-ray and the health checks of our 58-year-old patient so far show that everything is going well and his condition is very good.

The X-ray image taken when our patient had reached 1.2 cm:

Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient xray Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient xray

Our doctor, health care representatives and patient consultants took care of him and followed the process closely. Everything is going well as it was planned. He continues physical therapy, regular exercises and dressing change five days in a week at home although he left the hotel. Our patient who will complete the lengthening process at his home has reached 1.6 cm so far and continues to get taller.

Our Patient and Doctor Before Limb Lengthening Surgery Limb Lengthening Surgery Physical Therapy

As a result, we are happy and proud of our patient who is always very energetic, pursues his dreams and most importantly, can look at life from a positive window rather than a negative. We hope that he will get through the remaining process easily and reach his dream of getting more taller and living at peace with himself with his positive attitude. Lastly, we appreciate that he preferred choosing our team for his limb lengthening journey.

Our 58-year-old patient has completed his lengthening process and has achieved 5 cm in total. His device removal surgery was performed successfully, and everything is on the right track in terms of health and well-being.

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