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makbuljana wannabetaller team This writing is all about our patient who is at his late 20’s from Japan who had his first limb lengthening surgery on 8 th  of November. He has got a really interesting background about his family. He is half American and half Japan. He is a mixed-race male and was born in Japan where he had a chance to grow up in Japanese environment and experienced American culture as well by visiting the U.S.A time to time. You are going to witness our patient’s tibia leg lengthening journey from the scratch.
First thing first, he contacted our patient consultant to get detailed information related to the surgery. Before he got contact with us, he had been talking to the other agencies from South Korea, however, the prices did not suit his budget.

He booked his ticket and applied for e-visa last October to make sure everything was set before he arrived here. And, there he goes welcomed at the Istanbul Airport by his patient consultant and his caretaker who will be with him during his hospitalization.


He was taken first to the hospital for his medical examination. Since he has got little time to stay here, we couldn’t provide the complimentary Istanbul tour and teeth whitening treatment. However, we promised him to do these things next time when he comes for his removal surgery.


The next destination was the hotel and the doctor welcomed him at the hotel where we accommodate our patients. He had a nice conversation with the doctor, and had a chance to get some insights with the other patient whose surgery was performed by the doctor. Unfortunately, he is going to stay here for  a short time of period. The doctor especially warned him to stay here at least a month and the patient consultant as well. It is highly advised that you should stay here during the lengthening period so that the doctor can observe your progress regularly and attentively. He managed to extend it, but he couldn’t do it because of some personal stuff. Yet, he promised to stay here for almost 2/3 months for his femur leg lengthening surgery.

The height of our patient was measured on the Wannabetaller height ruler and photographed. Next, he was taken to the hospital for surgery. First, our patient was hospitalized, and then the anesthesiologist saw him approve that he is eligible for the operation.


It is the big day! Our patient arrived at the hospital with VIP transport accompanied by his caretaker and his patient consultant as well. He was hospitalized and waited for his doctor. Before the surgery, we did a quite impressive and informative interview with him. We really appreciate that! We hope it will inspire some people who desire to do this surgery.

Our patient is fully ready for his leg lengthening surgery. He is his late 20s and his height is 1,69 cm.  He would like to achieve a maximum of 7 cm on his tibia with LON He prepared his legs for the surgery by doing some stretches and exercises  with the instructions that are shown on the complete guide file.


Here are some pictures from the limb lengthening surgery. It is an intense process and our doctor did his best to make sure everything was on the right track. The surgery went smoothly without any complicaitons.


During the hospitalization period, the doctor and the physiotherapist followed up on the progress of the patient by visiting him at the hospital. Physiotherapy sessions started the second day after the surgery. They were constantly in touch with him just in case he has hot any problems.


Our patient was asked for a short interview and did not return our request. We sincerely thank him for that. He shared some of his experiences during the hospitalization.

He was discharged at the fifth day and brough to his hotel by an ambulance. We provide this service so that they feel comfortable trip and have a healthcare staff just in case.


During the stay at the hotel, our doctor paid visits to him 2/3 times a week and made sure to everything was on the right track.

Since he stays for a short time, he took physiotherapy sessions almost every day. He unbelievably shows huge commitment to improve his mobility. He is going through the process well because he did the stretches & excercises for two months before the surgery. His current condition seems pretty well. Mashallah ????


It is time for our patient to go back his home. He was taken to the airport accompanied with one of our staff via VIP transportation. The Airline was called by our our patient couple of days ago and was informed about the assistance to get on the plane. We do not say goodbye, because he will return back here soon for his removal surgery. During this time, the patient consultant will be in touch with him constantly and the doctor will do follows-up remotely.


Our patient has been getting online physiotherapy sessions with our physiotherapist once a week, and has achieved 3.7 cm so far.

Fresh X-ray images from our patient who has reached 4.2 cm so far. Everything seems alright and he keeps doing his regular exercises, and taking physio sessions.

Our half-American and half-Japanese patient completed the elongation process in a healthy and happy way. He achieved 6 cm in total with LON method on Tibia. His original height was 170 cm and his current height is 176 cm. As Wannabetaller Team, our friendship with him will continue. We wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life and thank him for choosing us.
Limb lengthening surgery success stories

Please stay tuned, we will update this writing with photos, walking and exercise videos, x-rays, and so on within the following weeks.

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