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The Success Story of Our Japanese Patient Who Grew 8.8cm in His Twenties

In July 2023, a Japanese patient in his twenties made an important decision to choose Turkey and our company for limb lengthening surgery. The main reasons for this choice were the cost advantages and the quality of services offered by our company. We have compiled the success story of our patient, who underwent a successful operation process and grew a total of 8.8cm taller. From the continuation of our article, you can learn about our patient's process and also examine the main reasons why he chose us. If you wish, you can follow our patient's personal X account to get more detailed information about the process.        

The reasons our patient chose us include: 

  • Attention and Approach of Our Patient Representatives: Our patient had discussions with various companies during the decision-making stage for the surgery but particularly appreciated the interest, and the quick and clear responses of our company's representatives. This interaction was a decisive factor in choosing us.
  • Patient Safety and Our Surgical Approach: Our patient considered our focus on operating on only one area at a time and not performing operations on both the femur and the tibia simultaneously, unlike other companies, as an approach. This made him feel that health and safety were our priorities.
  • Istanbul Tour and Cultural Experience: While in Turkey for surgery, our patient found the opportunity to explore the historical and cultural beauties of Istanbul valuable. This tourist experience made the operation process even more special for him.
  • Postoperative Care and Accommodation Services: Our patient, who initially had concerns about accommodation and the post-operative process, expressed satisfaction with all the services provided (such as meals, physiotherapy, room cleaning). The comprehensiveness of these services ensured him a comfortable and worry-free recovery process. Our patient has a note account where they detailed the process of increasing their height. If you wish, you can take a closer look at his personal experiences through this account. https://note.com/89ho/n/n01b3a98403a8
  • Insurance Protection Against Complications: Our patient mentioned benefiting from the insurance service provided for potential postoperative complications, stating that this service offered an additional sense of security. This has allowed him to feel more secure during and after the surgery process.

The Surgical Process and Results of Our Patient Who Grew 8.8cm

The Surgical Process and Results of Our Patient Who Grew 8.8cmOur patient underwent surgery using the LON method on the femur region and achieved a total growth of 8.8 cm. This process was specially planned according to our doctor's detailed assessment and the individual situation of our patient. Therefore, the amounts of growth vary from person to person. The doctor recommends a safe extension amount by considering the patient's age and bone health, along with a comprehensive physical examination and detailed radiographic measurements performed before the surgery. However, factors such as changes in muscle flexibility, nerve-related pain, the healing speed of bones, and muscle contractures encountered during the growth process can affect the actual amount of extension obtained at the end of the process.

Possibilities of Complications

In our patient, Lumbar Lordosis, which is not very common in femur (upper leg) lengthening procedures, has occurred, but this condition has been managed and improved with recommended exercises and physical therapy programs.

Lumbar lordosis is a side effect that can occur in some patients after exceeding 6 cm in upper leg lengthening procedures. It can be managed with exercise and physical therapy programs directed by doctors and physical therapy specialists. You can check out our video for detailed information about Lumbar Lordosis. In our patient, Lumbar Lordosis disappeared 1-2 months after the completion of the lengthening process.


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