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13cm Growth with 2 Limb Lengthening Surgeries

13cm Growth with 2 Limb Lengthening SurgeriesOur Japanese patient in his 40s decided to undergo limb lengthening surgery after consultations with our doctor. In order to achieve maximum extension safely, it was decided to perform two surgeries. The first surgery took place in 2022, and our patient gained an additional 6.3 cm in length. The second surgery was scheduled for 2023, resulting in a total extension of 13 cm.          

In the photo added to the side, you can see our patient's 6.3 cm height increase after the first surgery performed in 2022.          

We wanted to conduct a brief interview with our patient to serve as an example for those considering limb lengthening surgery. Our patient kindly agreed to answer our questions, and you can find his responses in the continuation of our article. If you would like more information about the surgery, you can also visit our blog section. 

  1. How did you decide to undergo leg lengthening surgery? What were the most influential factors in this decision?        
    During my childhood, I was noticeably shorter than my peers, which led to several painful experiences. As I grew older, my strong desire to increase my height never waned.        
  2.  How did you find our clinic, and was there a specific reason you chose us for your surgery?       
    I discovered the clinic through an online search, and my search involved exploring various websites and exchanging emails for information. I ultimately decided on this clinic after conversing with Jana,who provided comprehensive explanations that instilled a sense of trustworthiness in the clinic.       
  3. What were the key criteria for you when deciding to have the surgery? (e.g., the experience of the doctor, the technology of the center, success rates, etc.)       
    The factors I considered were the doctor's standing, the clinic's reputation, and the range of services offered.       
  4. How did you experience the process before, during, and after the surgery? What were the biggest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them?       
    I experienced fear before the surgery, but had no recollection of the procedure while it was happening, and endured post-surgery pain. The entire process was challenging and painful. To cope with these difficulties, I clung to the hope that overcoming them would ultimately lead to me achieving the height I desired.      
  5. How was your recovery process? Were there any differences between your expectations and the actual outcomes?     
    The healing process is quite gradual, but I am gradually improving. It's taking longer than I initially anticipated.     
  6. What advice would you give to others considering a similar surgery? What do you think they should pay attention to during this process?     
    Psychological preparation is essential because it involves enduring a prolonged and intense level of pain. Nevertheless, what we've managed to overcome in the process is gaining height.     
  7. How has the surgery affected your quality of life? How have these changes impacted your daily life?     
    Before the surgery, I was shorter than the average height for men in my country. As a result, people would occasionally describe me as a small person, which was an unpleasant characteristic. Now, I frequently receive compliments on my height and long legs, and I can confidently engage with people.     
  8. Do you have any changes you plan to make in your life or new goals you have set post-surgery?     
    I wish to speed up my recovery so that I can go on a trip riding a large bike, the kind that only individuals with long legs can comfortably ride.    

Our patient before-after pictureWe believe that the responses provided by our patient, who successfully completed both surgical procedures, will be beneficial for other individuals considering limb lengthening surgery. It's essential to remember that limb lengthening surgery is a significant surgical operation, and post-operative pain, physical therapy, and changes in daily life routine should be carefully evaluated. The best step you can take during this process is to consult with a specialized doctor. If you have any other questions on your mind, you can directly reach out to our patient representatives.    

If you wish, you can also follow our YouTube channel to access more detailed information about the surgery and watch our patient interviews.

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