Leg Lengthening Journey From Austria to Turkey

leg lengthening journey from austria to turkey

A Patient From Austria Getting Leg Lengthening Surgery for the First Time #2

Our patient who came to Turkey from Austria for limb lengthening journey is 5-foot-5 male in his 20s. Our patient consultant and the patient living in Austria started communicating in June. After he had  obtained all the information by asking his consultant the questions he had in mind and  came to Turkey for the operation in August.

Our consultant greeted him at the hospital and they met face-to-face for the first time. After chatting with our doctor, our patient and his patient consultant had a 40-minute conversation. The patient has contacted many places before and stated that he has been researching this surgery for many years. He said he had to think about it a little bit because he couldn’t decide which method (LON or Precice) to do it with, and he went back to Austria.

During the process, the patient and his consultant remained in contact and the patient arrived in Turkey on Saturday, October 30th. Our patient was welcomed at Sabiha Gökçen Airport and was taken to his to be checked in with VIP transfer. Next day, the hospital was visited for a medical examination. Once the medical stuff was done, they set off to the hotel. Our doctor paid a visit to the hotel where our patients were staying and they had a deep conversation for an hour. The patient had the opportunity to meet other patients who had lengthening surgery and had a plan to return to Austria once he was charged from the hospital. However, getting opportunity  to see the service which our patients received in the hotel in person, he decided to stay in our hotel during the healing process.


It was the first of November and our patient’s height was photographed on the height ruler. He is fully prepared for leg lengthening surgery now. He desires to achieve a maximum of 7 cm from his Tibia with LON method. He was taken to the hospital with VIP transfer accompanied by his patient consultant. The patient was seen by the anesthesiologist and was hospitalized after receiving approval. Dr.Hüseyin Kavak came to the patient’s room and chatted with him to relieve his stress before the surgery. While he was going to the operation room, he was not that stressed and had a huge smile on his face.


And as expected, the operation was completed successfully without any complications. Our patient was very determined and ambitious. He showed these characteristics in the physiotherapy he took during the hospital and utter this sentence; “I am glad that I had this surgery done”

The patient was discharged on the morning of November 5, 2021. The consultant first went to the hospital in the morning and then, they went to the hotel where he was going to accommodate with the ambulance. After placing him in the hotel room, he was given a wheelchair, walker and crutches. He was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a packet of chocolate by his consultant.


Our patient is currently staying at our hotel and does not neglect the physical therapy sessions and exercises. The process of the patient is being constantly followed up by the doctor and other staff at the hotel.

Please stay tuned, we will update this writing with photos, walking and exercise videos, x-rays and so on within following weeks.

    You will be informed about the lengthening increase, lengthening process, the prices of the surgical methods, the difference of the methods, the risks of the surgery.

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