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Why Do People Want To Be Taller? - Limb Lengthening Surgery

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Nowadays, many people complain about their height and try different ways to grow taller. Some of them look for natural and non-operational methods, while others tend to surgical operations such as limb lengthening surgery.

Short height can affect people psychologically, because others may make fun of their height or call them by nicknames. Generally, people with short height suffer from inferiority complex and they want to do something to get a few more inches. You can find a lot of information about methods for gaining some inches by exercises or certain nutrients on the Internet. However, they may be useful only for people who are under 18 years old and whose growth plates are not closed yet.

Height increase is due to bone growth. A growth plate between the metaphyseal and epiphyseal sections of the bones provides bone growth. This plate forms bone with the proliferation of cells forming bone, that called chondrocytes.

At what age stops height growth?

Height growth is provides by growth plates of the bones. As age progresses, in the result of structural and environmental factors, growth plates are getting close. Height growth stops at 18 age for female, and at 21 ages for male. Once the growth plates are closed, height growth is possible only after ‘surgical operations’. There is no any medicine, exercise or method to increase a height. The only cure is leg lengthening surgery.

Nowadays, plastic surgeries are becoming more and more mainstream and lengthening surgery is also quite popular among them. As the medical world develops day by day, and the lengthening operation is facilitated, you can increase your height permanently by choosing the surgical operation methods if you complain about your height. You can also see: The Advantages of Being Tall

Height lengthening surgery is recommended only for short people and you should undergo this operation if you really need it. Don’t forget, limb lengthening surgery is extremely long and painful and the inches you will gain may not worthy of the time, money and pain you bear. If you really suffer from short height and it makes you feel unhappy, then you’d do your own research about this surgery, get opinions from several orthopedic surgeons and try to contact to patients who have actually undergone limb lengthening surgery and ready to share their experience, or just read their stories on internet.

Why Do People Lengthen Their Height?

Height perception plays a major role on self-concept. Height perception is one of the most influential factor in many areas of a life; from social to the business life of the people. Why do people want to be taller? Why do they resort to surgical procedures such as limb lengthening surgery for lengthen their height?

Incompatibility in Social Life

We have mentioned above that the height perception has a big influence on the self-perception. The research shows that tall people are more active and confident in their social lives. Self-esteem, one of the advantages of tall height, pushes for a healthier communication in bilateral relations. In addition, tall people are more respected in their social lives as they look stronger than shorter men. One of the advantages of limb lengthening surgery is that people who have difficulty in social life can change their physical perception and become more active individuals.

Having an effective and remarkable image

Tall women and men look healthier, attractive and effective by physical appearance. Tall people get more attention than shorter people when they enter any community. Throughout history, taller people have been treated much better than their average-sized counterparts. They are also one step ahead because of their height advantage in jobs that require competition. There is no denying that taller men have all the luck when it comes to employment. They are also welcomed at a higher level in terms of social status.

Physical Adaptation in Private Life

One of the advantages of being tall is compatibility in private life. In general, short stature people have less self-confidence and they can be more passive and backward in their private lives. Short height may lead to adverse effects on people about affecting the people they are delighted with, also in many fields, including the sense of competition. One of the benefits of increasing a height is the happiness it brings in private life. With the stature lengthening, people can develop more healthy relationships in their private life, creating a sense of self-confidence by appearing stronger and more attractive by the opposite sex. This enables one to be a more successful individual in his private life, social environment and business life.

For further information, please see: Tall vs short: which is it better to be?

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