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The Advantages Of Being Tall

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Scientific researches seem to suggest that tall men and women have a significant advantage over their shorter counterparts. Being tall is one of the factors that make people successful and happy. The height problem that affects on from business life to bilaterial relationship, continues from primitive societies to present. The advantages of being taller, which leads to a more successful and more effective image are:

1. Effects on relationships between men and women

Tall men are often more attractive to women. This leads to a problem of self-esteem in short-height males and consequently, leads to unhealthy relationships. Additionally, short men have a prejudice, thinking that they can not compete with tall men. Moreover, tall men are one step ahead in the election stage, as women instinctively want to be with a stronger and healthier man to sustain their generation.

2. Effects on Business life

Being tall works well in the business field, which is something to keep in mind the next time you’re looking for a job – or asking for a promotion. Usually tall males and females are considered to be dominant, healthy and intelligent it is considered that tall males and females are more dominant, are considered. This always makes a plus value at work.

When we look at the current business world, it can be seen that those who lead, earn more money, or are successful generally are tall. What is causing this situation is that the possibility of tall people being chosen for jobs that require competition and leadership is higher. In particular, two important features, greatness and dominance, which are necessary for leadership, are thought to take place more effectively in tall people and are given priority in positions.

3. Effects on sport activities

It is a great advantage to have long legs for almost all sports branches. Also, tall people may be more successful in ball games, because they see further according to their shorter opponent. This is natural, of course, especially for height-related sports like basketball.

4. Effects on Daily life

Body structures of tall people are more aesthetic. This makes them look better in the clothes they are wearing, which gives them an advantage in appearance. Tall women don’t need to wear high heels to increase their height visually, but they can also look very attractive with plain and comfortable shoes. In terms of the social environment, tall people are more likely to adapt and get easier approval from their environment, which helps them to be happier in their daily lives.

Socially it’s seen as a good thing, but the bigger thing is that if you’re taller more people can and do see you, period. Your voice can carry farther, etc. You can always reach things. Especially useful for the lazy.

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People seem to naturally respect those that are taller than they are, and look up to (pun absolutely intended) those who tower over them in height.

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