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If you want to grow taller quickly and you are desperate then something which may tempt you is the option of undergoing leg lengthening surgery.

The procedure involves breaking your legs and inserting a metal plate at the break, the bones then start to heal over this gap longer and stronger increasing your height.

Never forget this: The method of lengthening surgery that works best for you is much more precice than the exercises below. Meet our happy patients.

Natural Leg Lengthening

Now when you think of the surgery the principle can be applied for natural methods if you want to grow taller.

The surgery involved breaking the legs and allowing them to grow back stronger, of course the natural method doesn’t involve breaking the bones but instead it involves breaking the micro-fibres of the bones.

The most common area is the shin, by breaking the micro-fibres in this area and allowing them to heal you can expect them to come back longer. And stronger than before which is the same result that you would get going through the operation except a lot less painful.

To break down these fibres you are going to want to put a lot of stress and pressure on them and this is naturally done through exercise!

The most popular types that you can go through are sprinting, jumping, kicking and cycling.

The first three (sprinting, running, kicking) easily break the micro-fibres but you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it so that you don’t cause injury to yourself so a rest day would be in order every other day,

When it comes down to cycling you will want to increase the height of your seat than it usually is if you want to grow taller quickly as it helps lengthen your shin bones.

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