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Average Height in Asia 2023

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Asia is both culturally and ethnically such a diverse continent. ChinaJapan, and India hold a big part of the World Economy, also the population is the highest in these countries in the World. When it comes to average height, Asia, South-East Asia to be exact, has the shortest average height. 

The average height in Asia has shown significant variation and growth over time. While there are heritable factors that determine height, environmental factors such as nutrition and health also play a crucial role. Across Asia, the average height can vary considerably between regions. When it comes to average height, the situation is actually the same for all countries. Many factors such as genetic factors, healthcare services, social life, the quality of healthcare services, and economic conditions are influential at this point. You can access the current data on the average height in Asia 2023 in the continuation of our article and examine the average heights of women and men in Asian countries separately. While discussing current average heights, it's worth noting that limb lengthening surgery has become quite popular, especially in some Asian countries known for shorter average heights. If you're curious about what is limb lengthening surgery, you can find more details by following our link.

If you want to look at current data about average height of Asia, click our new article “2024 Average height of Asia.”

Average height in Asia 2023

Average Height of Asian Countries

Human height is affected by many variables, from genetic factors to lifestyle, from nutritional habits to healthcare. The Asian continent has a wide range of physical features as well as cultural diversity. In this table, you can examine the average height of countries in different corners of Asia, from its rich history to its modern development.

Countries Average Height for Men Average Height for Women
China 175cm / 5ft 8inc  163 cm / 5ft 4inc
India 166cm / 5ft 5inc 155cm / 5ft 1inc
Indonesia 166cm / 5ft 5inc 154cm / 5ft 1inc
Pakistan 167cm / 5ft 5inc 154cm / 5ft 0inc
Japan 172cm / 5ft 7inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
East Timor 160cm / 5ft 2inc 153cm / 5ft 2inc
Turkey 176cm / 5ft 9inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Uzbekistan 174cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Iran 175cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Saudi Arabia 170cm / 5ft 7inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
Singapore 173cm / 5ft 8inc 161cm / 5ft 3inc
Vietnam  168cm / 5ft 6inc 158cm / 5ft 2inc
Taiwan 173cm / 5ft 8inc 160 cm 5ft 2inc
Qatar 173cm / 5ft 8inc 160 cm 5ft 2inc
Thailand 171cm / 5ft 7inc 159cm / 5ft 2inc
Yemen 163cm / 5ft 4inc 154cm / 5ft 0inc
Philippines 165 cm 5ft 5inc 154 cm 5ft 0inc
Malaysia 168cm / 5ft 6inc 157cm / 5ft 1inc

Upon examining the table, you will see countries within the same continent having very different average heights. As mentioned earlier, the reason for this is the different living standards of each country. The development levels of countries also affect the health structure of the population, and consequently, shape the average heights at this point. So, you can clearly see the average height in Asia from this context.

Average Height in Korea

Located in East Asia, Korea is often noted for being taller than many other Asian nations. Korea's rich culture is evident in its traditional art forms like Dansaekhwa and its global cultural impact through K-pop phenomena such as BLACKPINK and BTS. When it comes to stature, South Korea's average height closely mirrors the global average. 

South Korean men have an average height of 176 cm, aligning with the worldwide average for males. South Korean women average a height of 163.2 cm, which is just slightly below the global average for females by 0.3 cm. Notably, a study from 2014 highlighted that over the last century, Korean men and women have seen remarkable growth spurts, gaining approximately 15 cm (5.9 inches) and 20 cm (7.8 inches), respectively. This rate of growth is considered one of the most significant worldwide over the past 100 years.

Average Height in China

According to detailed research that is made in 2023, The average height for men in China is 171.8 cm and the average height for women in China is 159.7 cm with an increase of 11 cm and 10 cm, in the past 100 years. The reason for this is that in recent years, height obsession became common in Chinese society and people started trying to increase their height in different ways. Most of the Chinese society started to eat very healthily and try different sports and exercises. Even the kids in China care about their height and try to increase it. In China, it is compulsory that in between classes, the students do gymnastic exercises for health, which might be one of many reasons why the Chinese average height has increased. 

Compared to the European average height, which is the highest average height among all the continents, the average male height is 8.2 cm and the average female height is 7.3 cm shorter in China. You can also read our Average Height in Europe article, as well.

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Average Height in Vietnam

Vietnam, nestled in Southeast Asia, is renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes rather than the stature of its people. Vietnamese men typically stand at an average height of 168.9 cm (5 feet 5.4 inches), while Vietnamese women average 158.4 cm (5 feet 2.4 inches) tall. In comparison, the Philippines, ranking as the ninth shortest nation globally, sees its men averaging 165.2 cm (5 feet 5 inches), which is 3.7 cm less than that of Vietnamese men. Filipino women have an average height of 154.1 cm (5 feet 0.6 inches), 4.3 cm below their Vietnamese counterparts.


  1. What is the average height of an Asian male?     
    The data on average heights varies by country within Asia and can be influenced by many factors including nutrition, health, and socioeconomic status, making it difficult to provide a single average figure for the entire continent.
  2. What is the average height for a woman in Asia?     
    Average heights varies by country within Asia and also can be influenced by different factors; that's why it's not possible to provide a single average figure.
  3. What is the average height in Asia?     
    Although this is a frequently asked question, it's difficult to provide a precise figure due to the vast number of countries on the Asian continent. However, South Korea has the tallest average male height in Asia, with men averaging 176 cm, while the average for women is 163.2 cm.

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