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Average Heights in China 2023

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We see that there are serious differences between countries when it comes to average heights. Among the reasons for this situation, many factors such as genetic factors, nutrition style, sports routine and general living conditions are effective. In this article, we will talk about what is the average height in China based on 2023 data.

What is the average height of Chinese people?


Countries located on the Asian continent have a relatively shorter average height compared to other countries. Although it is not possible to give a clear reason for this, of course, genetic factors can be shown as the main reason. When it comes to the Chinese average height, the average height of men is in the range of 5 ft 7 in, while the average height of women is around 5 ft 2 in

When we consider the average height of men and women, we can say that there is a distinct difference between them. In addition to this situation, we should also mention that the Chinese height average we talk about is the average height that has increased especially in the last 10 years. When we look at 2015 and before, it can be said that the Chinese height average is much lower. In short, we can say that the Chinese male height average and the female height average have increased in the last 10 years.

The Reason for Height Increase in China

There is interesting data regarding the increase in average height in China as of 2015. According to these data, the average height of both men and women has been increasing for about 10 years, and the reason for this situation is based on many different reasons. First of all, the current basic data is that the Chinese have changed their living standards because they are uncomfortable with their average height. Especially parents attach great importance to their children's nutrition and sports routines during their development process.

When it comes to increasing height, it is not possible to get concrete results in a short time. However, it seems that the Chinese have started to realize this situation by extending it over many years and completely changing their living standards.

The Average Height of Chinese Men


The average height of Chinese men is currently around 5 ft 7 in. When it comes to China's average height, the most striking issue is that, as we mentioned above, the Chinese change their living standards in order to increase their height. While the available data mostly covers the year 2015 and later, it is known that this height increase basically covers a period of approximately 100 years. In this case, we can actually say that Chinese men had an average height of 5 ft 3 in 100 years ago.

The Average Height of Chinese Women


This increase in the current average height in China is valid for both men and women. Women have also managed to increase their height over the past 100 years by changing their living standards. It is a very appropriate inference to state that this situation occurs in a social way. When we look at the present day, the average height of Chinese women is currently around 5 ft 2 in.

Factors Affecting China's Average Height


Chinese society has completely changed their way of life as they have been suffering from short stature for many years. At this point, apart from genetic factors, nutritional routines, sports patterns and sleep periods come into play. 

  • Diet routines: The Chinese people's data on height growth show that there is a height growth scale dating back about 100 years. The importance of diet has a very important place in this height increase. Chinese people pay attention to healthy nutrition and the consumption of foods that will contribute to height growth during childhood. 
  • Exercise routines: Another factor that contributes to height growth of the Chinese is the exercises they do. At this point, families who are very conscious especially create a regular sports routine for their children and take care to make them do sports that increase height
  • Sleep periods: Sleep is another factor that is effective in the process of height growth. Especially in childhood, having a regular sleep period is very effective in height growth. Therefore, in China, both children and adults pay attention to their sleep periods.

Genetic factors are very important criteria in terms of height increase for every country. The height growth period in China covers a period of approximately 100 years. This situation shows us how difficult a process it is to grow taller.

For people who have completed puberty, changing their nutrition, sleep and exercise routine will not be beneficial in terms of height increase. The main reason for this is that height growth begins to stop as of puberty. If you are an adult and complain about your short stature, height lengthening surgery is the only method that can give clear results. For questions you may have about lengthening surgery, you can review our article titled Questions and Answers about lengthening surgery.

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What is the average height in China?

In China, the average height of men is around 5 ft 7 in while the average height of women is around 5 ft 2 in.

How are Chinese people getting taller?

The height growth process of Chinese people dates back to approximately 100 years. At this point, nutrition patterns, sports routines and sleep periods are very important factors.

How to get tall naturally?

It is not possible to increase height with natural methods for people who have completed puberty. The only available solution for this is lengthening surgery. For young people who have not completed puberty, a regular diet and sports routine will be effective in increasing height, but you should not forget that height is mainly based on genetic factors.

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