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Best Sports to Increase Your Height

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The process of growing taller has always been an intriguing topic for many people. What would you say if we told you that it is quite possible to increase your height with the right exercise and sports branches along with genetic factors? First of all, let's say that our desire to be taller actually has scientific and psychological bases.

  • The desire to be noticed: Standing out from the crowd is sometimes the way to stand out. Tall people usually attract more attention and this gives them self-confidence.
  • Social and Occupational Opportunities: Height provides an advantage in some professions and social circles. Especially in fields such as sports, modeling and acting, being tall is almost a necessity. 
  • Self-confidence: Growing taller also affects physical posture and body language. Upright posture is seen as a reflection of self-confidence. As you know, self-confidence is the key to success in many areas.

In this article, we are looking for answers to the questions "Which sports increase height?" and "Which sports increase height the most?”.

Does Basketball Increase Height? 

Let's face it, we are all fascinated by the gigantic basketball players we watch. We follow with pleasure many basketball players such as LeBron James, Devin Booker and Kevin Durant in NBA games, especially the "12 Giant Men". For this reason, there is a widespread belief among the public that playing basketball makes you taller.

Playing basketball regularly at a young age has a positive effect on posture and spinal health. This is because playing sports supports bone development and strengthens muscles. However, there are many factors that affect height, such as genetic factors and nutrition.

Since basketball is a sport that requires jumping and leaping, it helps to strengthen the leg muscles. This, in turn, helps to maintain proper body position and makes you look taller. At the same time, playing basketball regularly at a young age keeps the body healthier and fitter in general, which promotes better height growth.

However, there is also a point to keep in mind. The effect of basketball on height growth varies from person to person. Because everyone's genetic structure and growth rate are different. Therefore, we can easily say that playing basketball does not guarantee height growth, but regular practice during the developmental age has a positive effect on general health and posture.

Does Handball Increase Height? 

Handball is one of the best ways to engage in physical activity and promote overall health. However, the question "Does playing handball make you taller?" can be a bit misleading. It is difficult to say that sports activities alone increase one's height, but proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can best support genetic potential.

Handball increases overall body health and endurance, promotes muscle development and improves coordination. This positively supports height growth in people who regularly play handball at a young age.

However, as we all know, genetics is the most influential factor in height growth. A person's height depends on their family's genetic makeup and growth potential. Good nutrition, adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle help make the best use of genetic potential. If you play handball in addition to all this, it is possible to grow taller! Do not forget that playing sports positively affects not only your height but also your overall health.

Does Swimming Increase Height? 

Swimming is a great sport that provides many benefits to both our physical and mental health, and yes; we love the water! That's why we want to swim both for sports and for fun. That's why we always ask "Does swimming increase height?"! However, swimming does not usually have a direct effect on height. In addition to these, genetic factors, eating habits and lifestyle are also very important.

Swimming has a positive effect on the health of the spine and bones. When the correct swimming techniques are used, it helps the spine to lengthen properly, which has a positive effect on your posture. It also increases body flexibility.

There is no scientific evidence that swimming directly affects height growth. Height growth usually ends when the growth plates close and this process depends on genetic factors. However, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and an active lifestyle affect your overall health and therefore contribute to height growth.

Does American Football Increase Height?

Many people who say that American football increases height are actually quite wrong; because American football is a risky sport for height growth. People who start playing American football during the critical period can be injured in various ways due to the roughness of this sport and can even become disabled!

According to experts, one of the sports with the highest incidence of growth plate injuries is American football. For this reason, this sport can cause you to never grow taller again!

Does Volleyball Increase Height? 

Volleyball is a dynamic and exciting game. Volleyball tests players' reflexes and coordination and helps them to strategize on the fly. These split-second decisions and quick strategies also help players develop their mental abilities. Don't we feel ecstatic when we watch Dinamo Moskova or the "Sultans of the Net"

So, does volleyball increase height?

Volleyball is a popular team sport that provides physical activity and exercise, but it is not one of the factors that directly affect height. Factors such as genetics, nutrition and lifestyle affect height more directly. Volleyball is actually a contributing factor.

For children and young people, playing volleyball promotes bone development and increases muscle strength. This potentially leads to better posture and contributes to body structure. In short, yes, volleyball can increase your height in combination with healthy nutrition during the developmental period.

Does Baseball Increase Height?

Baseball is an aggressive sport, just like American football. Many people who are researching the issue of height growth also want to know the answer to the question "Does baseball increase height?". Contrary to popular belief, baseball is not among the sports that increase height the most.

This is because many experts consider baseball to be one of the leading causes of growth plate injuries. If the growth plates close during the developmental period, you will never be able to grow taller again. Therefore, you should be very careful when playing baseball!

Does Hockey Increase Height?

Since hockey is a sport that requires players to be fast and agile, it is thought that regular training and physical activity may negatively affect height growth, but there is no concrete scientific evidence on this issue. The common belief that playing hockey regularly, especially at a young age, will prevent height growth has not been confirmed by experts. Therefore, there is no "Yes" or "No" answer to questions such as "Does hockey increase height?", "Does hockey shorten height?" or "Will I get shorter if I play hockey?".

So, how can you permanently increase your height after puberty?

Although it affects a large number of people aesthetically, lengthening operation involves a difficult and costly process. For this reason, it should only be performed by specialized doctors and experienced healthcare team. Our team, Wanna Be Taller, offers you fully support throughout the limb lengthening process. If you would like to learn more, please fill out the information form below.

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