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Prejudice against Limb-Lengthening Surgery

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Prejudice against Limb-Lengthening Surgery

There has always been some prejudice against cosmetic surgeries by society. For some, cosmetic surgeries are against human nature and people should learn to love themselves as they are instead of trying to change themselves. It is definitely important for one to love and be at peace with themselves. However, is it really possible for someone to accept and love themselves if they can’t love a feature of themselves so badly?

Nowadays, cosmetic surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic Breast Surgery, Liposuction, and Fat Injection are very commonly preferred by everyday people. We live in an age where physical appearance is quite significant, which makes it harder for people to love themselves as they are. The first time these cosmetic surgeries were released to the public, they weren’t appreciated and were judged harshly but today, they are very popular both in Turkey and in other parts of the world. 

Height Dysphoria

There is also a mental illness that is defined as being dissatisfied with their height and it is called height dysphoria. Height dysphoria is an anxiety disorder about body image and this dissatisfaction with one’s height causes negativity in their daily lives. Feeling oneself too tall or too short may cause this illness. It may also be caused by the person’s negative thoughts and feelings because of the things they can’t do due to their height, also the peer and societal pressure because of being too tall or too short. It is understandable that the person may want to change this situation that affects their life this much. You can read about height dysphoria in detail in this article.

Fear of Limb-Lengthening Surgery

The prejudice against limb-lengthening surgery is usually caused by fear due to the way the surgery is done. During the limb-lengthening surgery, the bones of the either upper or lower leg (femur-tibia) are broken and a nail is inserted inside the bone, then the limb-lengthening is done through a 2-3 month hard process. After 1 surgery, approximately 6-8 cm, and after 2 surgeries, a 12-15 cm height increase is possible. 

Bone and muscle pain, difficulty in walking, and complications possibility during the lengthening process cause prejudice against limb-lengthening surgery in people. 

These fears are comprehensible because limb-lengthening surgery is not something that everyone can go through. The patient should be ready for the process both mentally and physically. There are many procedures that should be done both before and after the surgery. 

The 2 most commonly preferred methods for limb-lengthening, which are LON(Combine) and Precice 2 methods, are FDA-approved and safe for health. With the right team and the doctor, this process can easily get through. 

Our American patient Nicholas, who had an 11 cm height gain, has talked about his own lengthening process and the changes he experienced in his life after the surgery in a Youtube video on his channel. Our patient’s pre-surgery height was 174 cm while his post-surgery height is 185 cm. Some research has shown that being tall brings better opportunities, power, and self-confidence, especially for men. In addition, men that are on the taller side are more likely to be liked by women than men on the shorter side. 

This is the Youtube video of our patient Nicholas:

A Hollywood actor Rich Rotella is one of the people that had limb-lengthening surgery to get to a better place in his acting career and he said about the process that “It was painful, but I have no regrets.” He expressed that now he feels more confident when he goes to the auditions with his new height. His pre-surgery height was 165 cm but now he is 172 cm. 

It can be observed that thanks to limb-lengthening surgery, a person’s self-esteem increases as well. In addition, a taller height is very advantageous for some sports like volleyball or basketball. 

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