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2024 Average Height of Korea

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Average height of KoreaThe Korean Peninsula consists of two separate countries, North Korea and South Korea, each with its own unique social structures, cultural values, and lifestyles. However, both Koreas have a predominantly homogeneous ethnic makeup, with the vast majority being Korean. This ethnic homogeneity is reflected not only in their cultural and social structures but also in their physical characteristics. Particularly, average height can be seen as a reflection of genetic heritage and living conditions in both countries. In recent years, South Korea has witnessed an increase in average height, attributed to improvements in living standards and dietary habits. This increase serves as a tangible example of such changes. For further details on average height, please continue reading.

Average Height of North and South Korea

North Korea and South Korea have slight differences in average height, primarily due to factors such as living conditions, economic situations, dietary habits, and access to healthcare services in both countries. South Korea has seen an increase in average height among its population in recent decades, attributed to rapid economic growth, improved healthcare services, and enhanced nutrition standards. However, the situation in North Korea is somewhat different. More challenging economic conditions and limitations in access to nutrition and healthcare services have resulted in a lower average height compared to South Korea.

South Korea: 

  • Men: The average height of men in South Korea ranges from approximately 173-175 cm. 
  • Women: The average height of women is around 160-163 cm. Improved healthcare services and balanced nutrition habits play a significant role in the increase in average height in South Korea.    
    South Korea maintains high standards in healthcare services and education globally, allowing children and youth to grow healthier.

North Korea:

  • While precise data for North Korea is limited, available reports indicate that the average height of both men and women is generally shorter than that of South Koreans. Among the main reasons for the lower average height in North Korea are inadequate nutrition, strict economic conditions, and limited access to healthcare services. 
  • The more challenging living conditions and nutrition standards in North Korea contribute to the lower average height. 

As mentioned above, there are multiple factors that influence average height, leading to differences in average heights between countries. These factors include genetic factors, as well as health conditions, economic conditions, and healthcare services, among others, which can affect the physical characteristics of generations to some extent. While it's not possible to provide precise data on North Korea's average height, it is known that they are generally shorter compared to South Koreans. Again, environmental factors come to the forefront in this regard, as discussed above.

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