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Average Height of the USA 2024

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The United States of America (USA) is one of the world's most diverse and multicultural countries. Its population diversity includes people from different ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. The population of the USA encompasses immigrants from Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and many other places, as well as the indigenous peoples of America. This diversity enriches the country's culture, cuisine, art, and social life, reflecting the dynamic and constantly changing nature of American society. This diversity naturally explains why the physical appearances of people living in America vary from one another. Given this rich diversity, the average height in America is of considerable interest. In this article, we have compiled the 2024 data on the average height in America for you. You can find all the details in the tables in the continuation of our article. Additionally, if you wish, you can access the current average height data for this year from our article on the 2024 Average Height of the World.

Average Height of the North America

The three major countries of North America - the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico - each have rich and diverse societal structures. These societies vary in terms of ethnic backgrounds, languages, religions, and cultural traditions. Changes in living standards, primarily genetic factors, are significant determinants in these societies having different physical characteristics. The countries of North America are generally among the most recognized worldwide, which also makes them of greater interest. You can find the 2024 average height data for North America in the table below.

Countries Average Male Height Average Female Height
United States of America 177 cm (69.7 inches) 163 cm (64.2 inches)
Canada 178 cm (70.1 inches) 165 cm (65 inches)
Mexico 170 cm (66.9 inches) 157 cm (61.8 inches)

Average Height of Latin America

The people of Latin America consist of communities with rich cultural and ethnic diversity, spread across the region's vast and varied geographic area. This diversity has been shaped over time by the coming together of indigenous peoples, colonizers from Europe, slaves brought from Africa, and other immigrant groups. Societies in Latin America carry the influences of Native American, Spanish, Portuguese, African, and other European elements, as well as, more recently, immigrants from Asia. Therefore, when it comes to average height, we can say that there is a quite diverse range. You can find the average height of Latin American countries in the table below.


Countries Average Male Height Average Female Height
Argentina 174 cm (68.5 inches) 161 cm (63.4 inches)
Bolivia 168 cm (66.1 inches) 155 cm (61 inches)
Brazil 175 cm (68.9 inches) 162 cm (63.8 inches)
Colombia 171 cm (67.3 inches) 158 cm (62.2 inches)
Ecuador 164 cm (64.6 inches) 155 cm (61 inches)
Peru 164 cm (64.6 inches) 151 cm (59.4 inches)

Average Height of Central America and the Caribbean 

Central America and the Caribbean, despite significant social and economic differences, both regions stand out for their cultural diversity, histories, and social structures. The societies in these areas create a rich cultural mosaic stemming from their complex histories and global interactions. The Caribbean is one of the world’s regions richest in ethnic and cultural diversity. The region is influenced by people of African descent as well as immigrants from various places like India, China, and Europe. This diversity, as mentioned, explains why, like in other regions, the people of Central America and the Caribbean have a wide range of physical characteristics. You can find detailed average heights in the table below.

Countries Average Male Height Average Female Height
Panama 170 cm (66.9 inches) 158 cm (62.2 inches)
Costa Rica 174 cm (68.5 inches) 160 cm (63 inches)
Nicaragua 170 cm (66.9 inches) 156 cm (61.4 inches)
Honduras 170 cm (66.9 inches) 155 cm (61 inches)
El Salvador 171 cm (67.3 inches) 156 cm (61.4 inches)
Belize 171 cm (67.3 inches) 158 cm (62.2 inches)
Bahamas 174 cm (68.5 inches) 163 cm (64.2 inches)
Barbados 177 cm (69.7 inches) 166 cm (65.4 inches)
Cuba 174 cm (68.5 inches) 160 cm (63 inches)

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