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Leg Lengthening Surgery in Sweden: Doctors and Costs 2024

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In the quest for a taller stature, many individuals turn to leg lengthening surgery, a popular procedure that can increase height and improve self-confidence. Sweden, known for its advanced healthcare system, offers various medical facilities and skilled doctors to perform leg lengthening surgeries. In this article, we will explore the process of height increase surgery, highlight renowned hospitals and centers in Sweden, and provide insights into the associated costs, including our own insights as a limb lengthening surgery facility who have worked and still working with Scandinavian patients.

How Does Leg Lengthening Surgery Work?

How Does Leg Lengthening Surgery Work?

Leg lengthening surgery typically consists of the following steps:

1. Consultation and Evaluation: 

First of all, patients meet with an orthopedic specialist who assesses their eligibility for the surgery, considering factors such as bone density, overall health, and desired height increase. If they are going to have their surgery in a different country, firstly, they need to apply for a visa/e-visa.

2. Preparatory Phase: 

Before the surgery, patients undergo certain tests; such as X-rays and blood work, physical evaluation to ensure they are fit for the procedure. The surgeon will discuss the surgical technique, potential risks, and post-operative care.

3. The Surgery: 

The actual surgery involves making small incisions in the bone and inserting an external or internal device called an "internal lengthening nail" or "internal fixator." The most common limb lengthening surgery methods are the LON (Combined), Precice 2.2 and Precice Stryde methods. There are also other methods that are spesifically used in some countries; however, these mentioned methods are the most commonly used methods worldwide. These external and internal devices help gradually separate the bone segments, allowing for controlled bone growth.

4. Recovery and Rehabilitation: 

After the surgery, patients require a period of recovery, during which they follow a personalized rehabilitation plan. This typically includes physical therapy, medical dressing, pain management, and regular follow-up appointments with the surgeon. If the patient spends their recovery period in abroad, they should prepare for their accommodation process as well.

Leg Lengthening Surgery: Enhancing Height and Confidence

Leg lengthening surgery is a complex procedure that aims to increase a person's height by extending the bones in the legs. It involves making small incisions in the bone, gradually separating them, and allowing new bone tissue to form in the gap. Over time, this results in the lengthening of the bone and an overall increase in height. Leg lengthening surgery not only enhances physical appearance but also boosts self-confidence and improves quality of life for many individuals.

Renowned Doctors, Hospitals and their Costs in Orthopedics and Leg Lengthening Surgery in Sweden

When considering leg lengthening surgery in Sweden, it is essential to consult with experienced orthopedic surgeons specializing in limb lengthening procedures. Some renowned doctors in Sweden known for their expertise in leg lengthening or leg deformity surgeries.

1. Karolinska University Hospital – Stockholm

Karolinska University Hospital is a renowned medical institution located in Stockholm, Sweden. It is affiliated with the prestigious Karolinska Institutet, one of the world's leading medical universities. As a university hospital, Karolinska combines clinical expertise with cutting-edge research and education. Henrik Lundblad is Vice President of the Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society of the Nordic Countries and part of the limb lengthening team at Karolinska University.

Cost: To get more information about the cost of limb lengthening surgery in Karolinska University Hospital, please visit their website.

2. Sahlgrenska University Hospital – Gothenburg

Sahlgrenska University Hospital is a prominent medical institution located in Gothenburg, Sweden. One of the reasons why this hospital a well-established one is its international collaboration; Sahlgrenska University Hospital actively engages in international collaborations and partnerships to share knowledge, expertise, and best practices. It welcomes visiting researchers, clinicians, and students from around the world, facilitating the exchange of ideas and promoting global healthcare advancements.

Cost: To get more information about the cost of limb lengthening surgery in Sahlgrenska University Hospital, please visit their website.

3. Skåne University Hospital – Malmö

Skåne University Hospital, located in the region of Skåne in southern Sweden, is a major healthcare facility renowned for its comprehensive medical services and advanced treatments. Skåne University Hospital prioritizes patient-centered care, emphasizing individualized treatment plans, multidisciplinary teamwork, and a focus on patient well-being. The hospital's dedicated healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, are committed to providing high-quality care and ensuring positive patient experiences.

Cost: To get more information about the cost of limb lengthening surgery in Skåne University Hospital, please visit their website.

4. Uppsala University Hospital - Uppsala

As one of the country's largest hospitals, Uppsala University Hospital provides comprehensive medical services, advanced treatments, and is closely affiliated with Uppsala University. Uppsala University Hospital is a major healthcare facility serving the Uppsala region and beyond. It offers a wide range of medical specialties, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, radiology, and many others. The hospital's specialized departments provide advanced diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical services to address diverse healthcare needs.

Cost: To get more information about the cost of limb lengthening surgery in Uppsala University Hospital, please visit their website.

5. Sophia Hemmet Hospital

Sophia Hemmet Hospital, also known as Sophia Hemmet Sjukhus, is a private hospital located in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 1889 by the Swedish Queen Sophia, the hospital has a long-standing history and tradition of providing high-quality healthcare services. Sophiahemmet Hospital is a privately owned and operated institution, which means that patients often have the option to choose the hospital for their healthcare needs, including elective procedures and specialized treatments.

Cost: To get more information about the cost of limb lengthening surgery at Sophia Hemmet Hospital, please visit their website.

These hospitals have dedicated orthopedic departments ensuring patients receive top-notch care throughout their surgical journey. However, it is important to state that in Nordic countries including Sweden, cosmetic limb lengthening surgery is not done commonly and as long as the patient doesn’t have any leg deformities, tumors or any other orthopedic health condition on their legs, Swedish doctors don’t recommend the surgery.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Leg Lengthening Surgery

Several factors can influence the cost of leg lengthening surgery, including:

1. Hospital and Surgeon: 

Different hospitals and surgeons may have varying fee structures based on their expertise and reputation.

2. Technique Used: 

The choice between internal or external devices for bone lengthening can affect the overall cost. As we have mentioned, the two most common limb lengthening surgery methods are Precice 2.2, Precice Stryde and the LON (Combined) method. It is good to mention that Precice Stryde method is currently unavailable worldwide.

3. Duration of Hospital Stay: 

The length of hospitalization required for the surgery and post-operative care can impact the total cost.

4. Additional Services: 

Costs may include pre-operative tests, follow-up consultations, rehabilitation, and pain management.

Limb Lengthening Surgery at WannaBeTaller

We, as the WannaBeTaller team, is the first and the most experienced Limb Lengthening Surgery Facility in Turkey. We have been performing limb lengthening surgery with 700+ patients in over 10 years, with our 28 team members, using 2 advanced techniques. 

Our doctor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Öç is an expert on limb lengthening, limb deformity correction and also height reduction surgery. We are having patients coming from all around the world but for the sake of this article, we would like to mention 2 of our patients; one of them is from Sweden and the other one is from Finland.

The pre-surgery height of our Swedish patient in his late 20s was 177 cm. Although his height is not particularly short at all and even taller than the average male height in the world, all of his family members were over 190 cm and his wife was also 2-3 cm taller than him. This made him feel insecure about his height and he decided to have his surgery with us. He’s got 7 cm increase in height from the tibia with the Precice method. His post-surgery height is now 184 cm and he is taller than the average male height in Sweden. You can view his X-Ray images below.

Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey


And our Finnish patient whose pre-surgery height was 175 cm was also shorter than the average height in Nordic countries. He also wanted to get leg lengthening surgery for his self-esteem issues because of his height. He’s got 8 cm increase in height from the femur with the LON (Combined) method and now his post-surgery height is 183 cm. In addition, he plans to get his second surgery next year. You can view his image below, playing the guitar during his lengthening process.

Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey

If you would also like to get your limb lengthening surgery with us, please contact our patient consultant.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is leg lengthening surgery?  
    Leg lengthening surgery is a procedure that aims to increase a person's height by extending the bones in the legs. It involves making small incisions in the bone, gradually separating them, and allowing new bone tissue to form in the gap, resulting in an overall increase in height.
  2. How does leg lengthening surgery work?  
    Leg lengthening surgery typically involves the following steps: consultation and evaluation with an orthopedic specialist, a preparatory phase including tests and discussions about the surgical technique and post-operative care, the actual surgery where small incisions are made in the bone and an internal device is inserted to gradually separate the bone segments, and a recovery period with personalized rehabilitation and follow-up appointments.
  3. What factors affect the cost of leg lengthening surgery?  
    The cost of leg lengthening surgery can be influenced by factors such as the chosen hospital, surgeon's fees, anesthesia costs, duration of hospital stay, and any additional services or treatments required.

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