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Average Height in Sweden 2023

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Sweden, located in Northern Europe, is renowned for its geographical features, including mountains, forests, lakes, and extensive coastlines. Swedes typically exhibit the typical physical characteristics of Northern Europe, which include fair skin, light eye colors, and often blonde, sandy, or brown hair. But what about the average height in Sweden? You can find details about the average height in Sweden for the year 2023, including both the average height for men and the average height for women. Additionally, you can delve into the factors that influence Sweden's average height in detail. The average height of a country is indeed correlated with its level of development, primarily because a population with higher prosperity can more easily access all the resources and opportunities offered by the country. Sweden, in particular, is a country known for its high living standards in areas such as education and healthcare. Additionally, Swedes generally embrace a healthy lifestyle, actively engage in sports, maintain healthier dietary habits, and have good socio-economic conditions. When all these factors are considered together, it can be said that over the years, they have contributed to both the increase in the country's average height and an overall positive impact on the general health of its population. Based on the 2023 data, we can say that the average height for men in Sweden is 181cm, and for women, it is 167cm.

General Physical Traits of Scandinavians and Swedish People

Scandinavia, a region in Northern Europe, is home to a group of people who share a distinct set of physical traits, often recognized as Scandinavian facial features. The people of this region, primarily from countries such as Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark, are known for their unique physical attributes that set them apart.     

Generally, Scandinavian individuals possess light-colored hair, varying from platinum blond to light brown. The hair color diversity in this region is also quite impressive, with hues ranging from deep chestnut to lighter tones. Their eyes predominantly mirror the cool hues of their icy surroundings, often blue or grey, though green and hazel eyes are also present in the population.

Swedish facial features, a subset of Scandinavian facial features, tend to be particularly striking. Swedes often have high cheekbones and a structured jawline, giving their faces a characteristic angular shape. Their eyebrows are typically thicker and lighter in color, contrasting with their relatively fair skin. Swedish individuals also commonly exhibit a tall, lean body structure, which further enhances their distinctive appearance.

Diving deeper into the traits specific to this region, Nordic facial features stand out with their own unique characteristics. The term 'Nordic' often refers to the broader Northern European region, including Scandinavia, Iceland, and Finland. Nordic people are recognized for their long, oval-shaped faces, with wide foreheads and pronounced, high cheekbones. Their noses are typically straight and of average length, adding to their symmetrical facial structure.

It's important to note that while these traits are common, they certainly do not represent every individual from these regions. Genetic variations are abundant, leading to a broad spectrum of appearances among the Scandinavian and Nordic populations. This diversity contributes to the rich tapestry of physical traits seen in these Northern European communities. Now, let's move onto our main topic.

Average Height in Sweden

SwedenSweden is known for its tall population, and it's interesting to examine the average height in the country. According to recent studies conducted in 2023, Sweden has consistently ranked among the countries with the tallest people in the world. Let's take a closer look at the average height of both males and females in Sweden.   

The average height of the Swedish population is remarkable, especially when compared to global standards. Swedish men average height is around 5 feet 11.26 inches, or 181 centimeters, making them one of the tallest groups of males globally. On the other hand, Swedish women average height is approximately 5 feet 5.75 inches, or 167 centimeters, which is also considered quite tall compared to the worldwide average.

Factors Influencing Height in Sweden

Several factors contribute to the taller stature of the Swedish population. One significant factor is genetics. Swedish people often have a genetic predisposition for height, with many individuals inheriting tall genes from their ancestors. Additionally, Sweden's high living standards, access to quality healthcare, and nutritious diet play a role in the development and growth of individuals, leading to a taller average height.

Sweden's Height in a Global Perspective

When it comes to comparing average heights on a global scale, Sweden consistently stands out. With an average height for men in Sweden of 5 feet 11.26 inches and an average height for women in Sweden of 5 feet 5.75 inches, Sweden ranks among the top countries with the tallest people. This phenomenon has sparked curiosity worldwide, with many wondering why Swedish people tend to be taller than others. Europe, in general has a very high average height, you can check out our average height in Europe article as well.

Average Height in Sweden between Different Age Groups, Men and Women

Age Group Average Height - Men (Feet) Average Height - Men (cm) Average Height - Women (Feet) Average Height - Women (cm)
0-4 3.3 100.2 3.3 99.9
5-9 3.8 115.3 3.9 114.9
10-14 4.7 143.1 4.7 140.8
15-19 5.8 176.5 5.5 165.4
20-24 5.9 180.9 5.6 168.2
25-29 5.9 181.6 5.6 167.6
30-34 5.11 181.8 5.6 167.6
35-39 5.11 182.1 5.6 167.4
40-44 6.0 182.4 5.6 167.6
45-49 5.11 181.9 5.6 167.7
50-54 5.11 181.2 5.5 166.7
55-59 5.11 180.3 5.4 165.2
60-64 5.10 178.9 5.4 163.6
65-69 5.9 176.4 5.3 161.3
70-74 5.7 174.1 5.2 158.9
75+ 5.6 171.3 5.1 155.8

These table is based on the research that was made in 2021, however, average Sweedish male and female height are based on the 2023 statistics.

The Tallest Country in the World

While Sweden is renowned for its tall population, it's important to note that other countries also have a significant average height. The title of the tallest country varies depending on different studies and methodologies. However, countries like the Netherlands, Montenegro, Denmark, and Norway are often mentioned alongside Sweden in discussions about the tallest populations globally.

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In conclusion, Sweden has consistently shown impressive average heights over the years. Factors such as genetics, quality healthcare, and a nutritious diet all contribute to this phenomenon. Whether you're fascinated by the average height in Sweden or comparing it to other countries, it's clear that the Swedish population's height remains a topic of interest and curiosity.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average height of men in Sweden?             
    The average height of men in Sweden is approximately 181 cm(5 feet 11.26 inches).
  2. What is the average height of women in Sweden?             
    The average height of women in Sweden is approximately 167 cm(5 feet 5.75 inches).
  3. Is Sweden one of the countries with the tallest people in the world?             
    Yes, Sweden is among the countries with the tallest people in the world. Europe, in general, contains the tallest people in the World.
  4. What are the factors influencing the average height in Sweden?             
    The factors influencing the average height in Sweden include genetics, high living standards, quality healthcare, and a nutritious diet.
  5. Which country has a taller average height than Sweden?             
    Some countries have a taller average height than Sweden; such as, the Netherlands, Montenegro, Denmark, and Norway often being mentioned.

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Bill Contreras 2023-06-21 15:56:22

Reading about those straight and distinct Scandinavian Nordic noses was super interesting. I've always picked up on how my friends from that region have these remarkably well-shaped noses, but never realized that it's actually a common feature. It's cool to see how these traits play a key role in shaping their unique looks.


Caroline 2023-06-06 17:38:17

I think female average height in Sweden is not that high but still on the higher side.


Wanna Be Taller - Makbule2023-06-08 11:57

Hello, Sweden is known for having a relatively tall population compared to many other countries. While it is not accurate to say that the average height of females in Sweden is exceptionally high, it is generally above the global average. Regards, WBT.

Esme Tanner 2023-05-22 17:07:43

Sweden's relatively high average height compared to other countries is quite intriguing. I believe genetics, nutrition, healthcare, and lifestyle choices all play vital roles in shaping a population's height.


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