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How To Grow Taller By Cycling - Height Increasing Tips

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Are you ready to become bikeoholic?! After you read this blog post, you may get one, and pedal it out. Cycling is an eco-friendly activity that generates zero emissions. On the other hand, it carries our goodies home, shapes up our body, burns our fat, and helps us increase our height!! I can see that one eyebrow has raised.

We cannot modify our physiological structure which determines the estimated height we can reach maximum, but we can change environmental factors in which can be effective in reaching maximum height. Here comes cycling! If your growth plates are not closed, and your body still releases height growth hormone (HGH) cycling can be an effective way of boosting your growth process. It does not cause the production of HGH, yet it can lead to the enhancement of it, especially during puberty or rarely at the beginning of adulthood (some young adults may have constitutional growth retardation). There are many research papers that claim that cycling has got nothing to do in terms of increasing height. Taking everything into consideration, cycling can have a significant impact on growing taller in spite of scientific evidence, particularly in the course of puberty or before. Yet, prepare yourself for the realistic expectations for the outcomes, because once you hit puberty, the chance for growing taller like 2/3 inches can slightly decrease. While you add cycling to your daily routine, make sure to pay attention to your diet that can boost your HGH. Since we provided the basis, let’s move on to the tips!

The key factor is absolutely stretching while cycling. And, you can support it by doing some physical exercises on your own.

Height Increasing Tips during Cycling

Raise up your saddle;

Any tiny increase in your bicycle saddle height strains your hip, knee, and ankle joints, according to research that looked at the impact of modest changes in bicycle saddle. As a result, developmental plasticity is activated when you raise a bicycle saddle and lengthen your legs to reach the pedals. The gaps between the thigh and shin bones can be enlarged and extended with the proper workouts, such as cycling.

Extending spinal cord;

wannabetaller spinal cord cycling 1wannabetaller bike frame size

The human body’s equilibrium and mobility are maintained by the spinal column, which is made up of 33 bones fused together called vertebrae. Improper posture, any type of spinal cord injury or disability may cause a reduction in the space between the spine’s discs. If you buy the right bike for your size, cycling enables you to lengthen your spinal cord. While cycling, the position you have is significant as well as the bike size. You can learn how to have the best position during cycling by watching this video.

Don’t rush during cycling

wannabetaller be in a rush cycling height increaseDo not cycle in a rush. Take your time, and imagine cycling as if it is a way of relaxing. Listen to your favorite music or a podcast. While pedaling, make sure that your legs are stretched fully. The body will be alerted when the legs have reached the pedals, and they will have to adjust to the environmental changes throughout the time.

BE CAREFUL not to be on your tiptoes on the pedal! You must make sure that they are flat and comfortable otherwise you may face a risk of injury or stress fractures.

How many hours a day should you cycle?

wannabetaller cycling listening to music height increaseYou can cycle 30 to 50 minutes a day. Before you sit on your bike, do some warm-up activity to get ready for cycling. Try not to cycle every day since you can get bored because of the same thing repetitively. Plan some rest days to take each week.

Establishing exact principles, such as proper posture and a healthy diet, can lead you to gain a few centimeters in the same way that regular physical activities do. Do not be dependent on a single activity! The idea of cycling in order to grow taller might be boring or not feasible for some of you. In this case, there are other exercises to grow taller such as hanging on the bar, playing basketball, swimming in a pool/sea, skipping a rope. Well, they can be done almost everywhere, and help you keep your body active.

If you think that that blog post cannot be beneficial and help you increase your height, the right way for you may be doing a limb lengthening surgery. Please consult a patient consultation expert to obtain more detailed information with regard to it.

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