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How Late Can Growth Plates Close?

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Before delving into the details of our article, we would like to clarify that the content we've prepared is solely for "informational" purposes. Our institution does not provide growth hormone treatments. At Medzonia, we have been specializing in limb lengthening surgeries for over 10 years. We highly recommend consulting with a specialist doctor for growth-related issues, especially for individuals who have not yet completed puberty.

When it comes to height, it's important to acknowledge that genetic factors, environmental conditions, and overall health play a crucial role. Additionally, there is a specific age range during which height growth occurs, closely linked to growth plates. Growth plates, located at the ends of bones, facilitate bone lengthening during childhood and puberty, actively contributing to height increase until the end of puberty. People often wonder “how late can growth plates close?” or "when do growth plates close?" Typically, they close around the ages of 18-21, but this can vary from person to person. To be certain if your growth plates have closed, consulting with an endocrinology specialist is recommended.

Can Growth Plates Reopen?

Reopening of growth plates is not possible; therefore, individuals who have completed puberty cannot grow taller naturally. At this point, the effectiveness of vitamin supplements, dietary habits, or exercises aimed at increasing height is unfortunately not feasible. Consequently, it can be said that with the completion of puberty, an individual's final height becomes apparent.

How Is It Understood That The Growth Plate Has Closed?

The best way to determine if the growth plates have closed is usually by examining X-ray images of specific body parts like the hands and wrists. These images can reveal the condition of the growth plates—whether they are open or closed. If the growth plates appear closed in the images, it indicates that growth has ended and the individual will not grow taller. This assessment is typically conducted by a specialist doctor.

What Is Done to Increase Height After Growth Plates Have Closed?

Growth plates

Primarily, it should be stated that the primary factor determining height is genetics. Following genetics, societies' average heights are shaped by economic conditions, health services, nutrition, and environmental factors. Besides these, methods like nutrition, exercise, and vitamin supplementation exist to support height growth. It's important to remember that these three aspects can contribute to height growth only if applied before the end of puberty; however, expecting miraculous results is not realistic. A realistic perspective is necessary at this point.

Nutrition, exercise types, and vitamins do not affect height growth after puberty, indicating natural height growth is not possible post-puberty. The only option for height increase after puberty is limb lengthening surgery. Since growth plates close after puberty, no non-surgical method will yield positive results. However, it's crucial to note that limb lengthening surgery is a complex and lengthy process. Candidates must undergo a thorough medical examination to assess their general health, bone health, blood tests, X-ray results, and any chronic illnesses before considering surgery. The surgery is only performed on individuals who have completed puberty and are in suitable health conditions. It is not applicable to individuals before puberty.

Individuals who have not completed puberty but are significantly short should consult a specialist doctor and follow their advice. At this point, it's crucial to determine whether there's a health issue causing the short stature or what other factors might be involved.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb Lengthening Surgery - Patient's before-afterLimb lengthening surgery can serve as a medical approach for certain health issues or be chosen for aesthetic reasons. It can offer treatment for conditions like dwarfism or be performed due to cosmetic concerns. Patients undergo a comprehensive health evaluation before surgery, including bone health, blood tests, and X-rays, to determine their suitability for the procedure.

The patient shown achieved a total of 11.5cm increase in height through two surgeries. Each surgery has safe limits for extension; thus, an increase of 9cm or more in a single procedure is not possible. Following health assessments, if the doctor deems the person suitable for surgery, they inform the patient about the maximum possible extension for a healthy lengthening process. It's crucial to consult with a specialist for proper management of the leg lengthening surgery process. For more detailed information, you can watch our YouTube patient interview video or contact our patient representatives directly.

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