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What are Growth Plates? Can They Open Again?

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Growth plates (epiphyseal plates) are the areas that allow bones to grow and lengthen. Growth plates make the bones of children and young people grow longer; they are critical for growth and development. These plates are found at the ends of long bones in our body (such as the femur and tibia).

The structure of epiphyseal plates is quite complex. They are characterized by a rapid process of cellular division and bone tissue formation. Theses processes continues during the growth of children and young people. However, growth plates begin to close during puberty and are usually completed between the ages of 18-21.

Can Growth Plates Reopen?

Many people who think they are short in stature wonder whether their development will continue and they will grow taller. Growth plates do not reopen. Once closed, growth plates can no longer provide a favorable environment for active cellular division and bone growth. 

However, in some cases (e.g. after serious bone injuries or surgical interventions), it may be possible for the growth plates to be affected or damaged. Given such situations, specialized doctors usually assess the individual situation and requirements and determine an appropriate treatment plan.

Where are growth plates located?

Growth plates are cellular tissues located at the ends of long bones (e.g. femur, tibia). These areas control the process of growth and elongation of the bones. 

What is the duty of growth plates?

As bones grow in children and young people, the cells in the growth plates divide rapidly and form new bone tissue. This contributes to the increased length of bones and the growth of individuals.

In which age range are the growth plates active?

We can say that the growth plates are usually active during puberty. This is between the ages of 10 and 18. However, this age range can vary from individual to individual and by gender. When the growth plates (epiphyseal plate) are open, growth hormones affect the activity of the growth plates and allow the bones to lengthen.

When do the growth plates close?

Although the closure process varies from individual to individual, it usually closes between the ages of 16-18 in girls and between the ages of 18-21 in boys. When the plates are completely closed, the long bones no longer have the potential to grow.

Can the growth plates be damaged?

Yes, in some cases the growth plates can be damaged. For example, plates can be affected after serious bone injuries or surgical interventions. Such cases should be carefully evaluated by specialized doctors and, if necessary, an appropriate treatment plan should be determined.

What can be done to protect the growth plates and promote healthy growth?

A healthy diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep are essential for the health of the growth plates. At the same time, doing sports activities correctly helps in this regard. To support bone health, you need to take care of adequate calcium and vitamin D intake. Advice from a specialist doctor is invaluable in this regard.

Does closure of growth plates completely stop growth?

No, in fact, the closure of the growth plates does not completely eliminate the growth potential of long bones. Bones can still thicken and change shape, but the rate of elongation decreases and eventually stops.

How are problems with growth plates treated?

Treatment for problems with growth plates varies depending on the individual's condition. Specialized doctors first assess the potential problems with the growth plates and then determine the treatment options.

My growth plates are closed, will I never grow taller?

Your growth plates close after the critical period and cannot be opened again. Therefore, it is not possible to grow taller naturally. However, it is possible to grow 6-8 cm taller with a limb lengthening surgery. When the number of surgeries is two, you can grow 12-16 cm

Hollywood actor Rich Rotella was someone who could not get a leading role because he was short and decided to have a lengthening surgery. With this surgery, he grew 8 cm taller. You can learn more detailed information about Rich Rotella and many other famous names about height lengthening surgery from this article.

The Stories of Some of Our Patients Who Have Increased Height with Lengthening Surgery

Since it is not possible to grow naturally after the growth plates are closed, cosmetic lengthening surgery is preferred. Lengthening surgery requires a serious surgical procedure. Interventions by people other than specialist doctors are very risky. At this point, doctors who have previously performed lengthening surgeries and have satisfied patient stories are preferred.

Wanna Be Taller team performs a professional process both in the preoperative process and after surgery with its expert medical staff. For example, a Japanese patient in his 40s complained about his short stature and wanted to be taller. His height was 166 cm and this situation was affecting both his social and professional life. Our patient, who said that no lengthening surgery was performed in his country, saw our company on Youtube and contacted us. Our patient, who decided to work with us as a result of his long research, had two height surgeries; at the end of the process, he reached 179 cm from 166 cm. You can find the detailed story of our patient here.

Another patient of ours was Nicholas. Nicholas reached us from Google and after detailed information he decided that he wanted to have a lengthening surgery. He then had two lengthening surgeries, both on the upper and lower legs. Our patient grew a total of 11.5 cm and his height increased from 174 cm to 185.5 cm.

Here you can read the story of our patient's height increase, which he completed in a healthy way.

You can review the progress of more of our patients on our success stories page.

You can also read our articles titled "Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost 2023? ", "How to Compare Heights - Height Comparison", "How many inches can I grow with limb lengthening?".

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