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Average Height in Japan 2024

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Japan, known for its advanced technology and ancient traditions, is a country of contrasts. Its cities are bustling and organized, while its natural scenery is breathtakingly serene. This is a land rich in history, boasting a culture that has thrived for over a thousand years. Among its many notable features, Japan is also recognized for the longevity of its people. However, one characteristic that might not stand out immediately is the average height of its population. While Japan might not be famous for tall statures, there has been a significant change in the average height over the last century. Let's dive into what the average height in Japan is today and explore how and why it has changed over time. This story is not just about numbers; it’s a window into how a nation has grown and evolved. You can reach all the details about average height in Japan 2024 below:

Before we proceed to the article on the 2024 average height in Japan, you may wish to take a look at our "2024 Average Height of the World" article, where you can find the height averages of the countries you are interested in.

The Average Height of Different Age Groups in Japan

The Average Height of Different Age Groups in Japan

Several different factors affect human growth during childhood and teenage years. The main factor is usually genetics. The genetic height capacity of a person is plus or minus 10 cm affected by other factors, which are diet, exercise, the psychological state of someone, and chronic disease if the person has any. 

You can view the Japanese height average for the different age groups. The data belongs to Japan Sports Agency, 2018.

Age Men Women
20-24 171.50 cm (5 feet 8 inch.) 158.49 cm (5 feet 2 inch.)
25-29 172.05 cm (5 feet 8 inch.) 158.94 cm (5 feet 3 inch.)
30-34 172.12 cm (5 feet 8 inch.) 158.70 cm (5 feet 2 inch.)
35-39 172.31 cm (5 feet 8 inch) 158.96 cm (5 feet 3 inch.)
40-44 171.62 cm (5 feet 8 inch.) 158.90 cm (5 feet 3 inch.)
45-49 171.71 cm (5 feet 8 inch.) 158.56 cm (5 feet 2 inch.)
50-54 170.81 cm (5 feet 7 inch.) 157.96 cm (5 feet 2 inch.)
55-59 170.02 cm (5 feet 7 inch.) 157.01 cm (5 feet 2 inch.)
60-64 168.39 cm (5 feet 6 inch.) 155.78 cm (5 feet 1 inch)
65-69 166.60 cm (5 feet 6 inch.) 154.05 cm (5 feet 1 inch)
70-74 165.03 cm (5 feet 5 inch.) 152.39 cm (4 feet 12 inch)
75-79 163.28 cm (5 feet 4 inch.) 151.03 cm (4 feet 11 inch)

17-year-old Japanese men’s height average is 170.7 cm (5 feet 7.2 inches) and 17-year-old Japanese women’s height average is 157.8 cm (5 feet 2.1 inches). We would also like to mention the weight average, 17-year-old men weigh in at 137.7 Ibs (62.5 kg) and women at 116.6 Ibs (52.9 kg). We mentioned 17-year-old Japanese people’s height and weight average separately because we would like you to be able to compare the Japanese teenager’s height to the Japanese adult’s height. 

It can be observed from the statistics given that the new generation’s average height is not higher than the 20-49-year-old Japanese people. According to Japan’s National Health and Nutrition Survey, the average height for a man in Japan was only 160.3 cm (5 feet 3.1 inches) and the average height for women in Japan was only 148.9 cm (4 feet 10 inches) 70 years ago, which shows that there is approximately 10 cm height increase in Japan over the 70 years. 

The peak height average in Japan is between the ages 35-39, that is people born between 1983-1987. But after that, a study shows that there is a decline in the height average in Japan. The reason for the height increase until the late 80s was the better health conditions, nutrition, and physical exercise that the government tried to make a habit for society. However, the reason for the decline in the average height is thought to be linked to the recent low birth weight in infants in Japan. Our Average Height in Asia article might interest you as well.

Average Height by Gender in Japan

Average Male Height in Japan 

The average height of Japanese men is 170.8 cm (5 feet 7.2 inches), which is the exact height of 50-54 years old Japanese people. When we compare it to the US male average height, it is 5 cm shorter (1.8 inches). And if we compare it to the European male average height, this time it is almost 10 cm shorter (3.8 inches), which is expected because Europe’s height average is the highest, compared to the other continents. 

However, when the global average height of men is considered, Japan is considerably not that short at all. The average height of a man in the world is 171 cm (5 feet 7.3 inches), which is only 0.2 cm taller than the average height of Japan.

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Average Female Height in Japan

Average Female Height in Japan

The average female height in Japan, on the other hand, is much lower than the average male height in Japan, which is only 159.5 cm (5 feet 2.8 inches). Compared to the US female average, the Japanese female average is 2 cm shorter (0.7 inches), and compared to the European average, they are 7.5 cm shorter (3 inches). 

The global average height of a woman is 159.5 cm (5 feet 2.8 inches), which is the exact same height as the female average height in Japan

The World’s Smallest Newborn is in Japan

As we have mentioned before, there is a significant decrease in the birth weight of newborns in Japan. Sekino Ryusuke is now a four-year-old and was born in Karuizawa, Japan in 2018. When he was delivered, he was weighing only 258 grams and was 22 cm tall, which drew media attention as being the World’s smallest baby. 

In November 2021, when he was three years old, he is noted to be weighing 7.16 kg and 74.2 cm tall. His mother Toshiko mentions that Sekino is always hungry and has a huge appetite. 

If you would like to compare your height to the tallest, shortest person or the USA male, and female average like we did in the article by comparing them to the average height in Japan, you can use our Height Comparison Tool


  1. How tall are average Japanese?      
    While average height for Japanese men is typically around 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches),  average height for Japanese women is usually around 158 cm (5 feet 2 inches).
  2. How common is 6ft in Japan?      
    Being 6 feet tall (approximately 183 cm) is relatively uncommon in Japan, considering the average height for Japanese men is around 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches), and for women, it's around 158 cm (5 feet 2 inches). This means that a person who is 6 feet tall would be significantly taller than the average Japanese individual.
  3. Is 173 tall in Japan?      
    In Japan, a height of 173 cm (approximately 5 feet 8 inches) is considered to be above average, especially when compared to the average heights of Japanese men and women.

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