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Wrong Height Lengthening Methods

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Improperly known height lengthening methods can harm your health. If you are really desperate to learn how to grow taller naturally you might take advantage of height enhancing formulas, pills or weird contraptions that claim to increase your height faster than exercise or diet. In this article I’m going to reveal to you 4 common height gain scams that you need to stay away from. You can learn wrong height lengthening methods in this article.

Known Mistakes in Lengthening Methods

  1. The acupressure technique. This is a “height increaser” product that looks like a shoe insole that claims to work through acupressure therapy for your feet. Consumers have reported negative increase in height plus pain while walking with the insoles inside their shoes.
  2. Vitamin capsules that are marketed as “height lengthening capsules” are nothing more than just multivitamins. These products claim to work with fake testimonials and also give a fake 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  3. The foot massage scam from Asia is another bogus claim that involves dipping your feet in a bucket of warm water and then a massage using a very expensive foot massaging machine. After the massage, you have to apply “growth patches” on your feet. Total cost for this worst ever height increase scam is over $1,100!
  4. Binaural beats. It is claimed that certain audio tracks with continuous beats, noises and atmospheric sounds can stimulate the pituitary gland and help produce growth hormone. It is highly doubted that anyone has actually seen a positive outcome from regularly listening to binaural beats for several hours. Moreover, after growth plates have closed, it means the process of growth has stopped and there is no way to re-stimulate or re-open growth plates again. So, binaural beats will be absolutely useless if your growth plates have sealed and stopped functioning.
  5. Subliminal messages. These are also expected to act is a similar way to binaural beats. The explanation above goes to the subliminal messages method as well.
  6. Height increasing machines is a home TV shopping product that claims to increase your height by lying flat on a machine and stretching you with a traction device. It was often described as a medieval torture device by some consumers. This is a very dangerous machine that can cause serious damage to your back and neck; many fitness experts caution consumers from trying out this machine since it will cause a lot more harm than good.

The list goes on and there are a lot more height gain scams coming out every day since so many people around the world want to be taller. Instead of falling for any of these scams you’d be wise to spend your time looking for scientific proven height gain methods that will actually help you achieve the increase in height that you’re looking for.

The right way for you may be  limb lengthening surgeries. Feel free to consult a specialist immediately.

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