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When Do Grow Taller?

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To many of us, our height is one of the most significant aspects of our physical appearance, and it can even influence many aspects of daily life, from sports performance to clothing choices. This situation can impact personal confidence as well as societal perceptions. For this reason, many people who consider themselves short in height resort to various methods to increase their height.

Although various solutions are sought, there are still many misconceptions about height. That's why, in this article, we will touch on some important points for you and answer the question, 'when do grow taller?' If you are curious about how you can increase your height or until what age you can grow, continue reading our article.

How Long Does Height Growth Continue?

When Do Grow Taller?Our height continues to actively increase until the end of our adolescence, which varies from person to person but generally falls between the ages of 18-21. The reason for the continuation of height increase during this period is the growth plates in our body. The growth plate is a special type of tissue located at the ends of bones, facilitating bone lengthening. It's often referred to as the epiphyseal plate and is found in the bones of young, developing individuals. The growth plate allows for the elongation of bones through the continuous division of cells and the formation of new bone tissue. However, these plates close at the end of adolescence, and from that point on, our height naturally stops increasing.

In short, we can say that the process of natural height growth continues until the end of puberty. From this period onwards, your diet, the sports you do, or other factors that support height growth will not help in increasing your height. People often have misconceptions about the function of growth plates. Especially adults who have completed puberty might turn to various sports or consume certain foods to increase their height. However, these approaches cannot be effective in increasing height since the growth plates have already closed.

How Does Height Increase after Puberty?

With the end of puberty, the growth plates ossify, and no new bone tissue is produced. Therefore, physical activities or dietary changes made during adulthood are not effective in increasing height. Instead, these methods should focus on improving overall health and body composition. At this point, the most preferred exercises include yoga and pilates. These exercises will positively affect your mental health and help you achieve a more upright posture by improving your body composition.

If you think a upright posture is not enough and you want to increase your height, the only method we can recommend at this point is limb lengthening surgery. This surgery, medically known as 'limb lengthening' or 'orthopedic distraction,' involves intentionally cutting and lengthening the bone. Some people choose this surgery due to medical conditions (such as dwarfism, uneven leg length, etc.), while others opt for it for purely aesthetic reasons. In both cases, individuals first undergo a medical examination, and then the suitability for the surgery is determined by the doctor. Patients approved by the doctor can then start preparations for the surgery.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb Lengthening SurgeryLimb lengthening surgery is a procedure carried out with great care by our expert health teams. This surgery is suitable for patients who want to increase their height due to medical necessities or aesthetic preferences. As a first step, our doctor meets with our patients to share all the details of the process. During this meeting, detailed information about the patient's medical history and current health status is collected, and necessary tests are conducted. Based on this information, the suitability of the patient for surgery is assessed.

If the patient is deemed suitable for surgery, our doctor discusses with the patient how much height increase can be achieved. After this briefing, if the patient agrees, the surgery schedule is created as soon as possible.

After the surgery, an intensive physical therapy process begins for our patients' recovery and the success of the limb lengthening treatment. This process is conducted with our team of physiotherapists, focusing on the needs of the patient. Supporting our patients' healthy development is of great importance to us.

For detailed information and guidance, we invite our patients to contact our patient representatives directly. Additionally, you can watch our video below for more information about physical therapy processes or follow our YouTube page to access more content.

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