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The Science of Limb Lengthening

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Limb lengthening is an amazing example of what modern medicine can do. It's a complex surgery that does more than just make people taller - it offers a new chance at life for those who need it. This procedure isn't just about the technical steps involved; it's about the huge difference it makes in the lives of those who undergo it. Let's take a closer look at how limb lengthening works, and see how this advanced medical technique is changing lives, giving people not only increased height but also a boost in confidence and new opportunities.

Before delving into the details of our topic, there's an important point we want to mention: limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation. Although the surgery can have many positive effects on the lives of those who undergo it, it requires taking a break from certain daily activities for a long period after the operation and focusing on physical therapy sessions. It is important to consult with a specialist doctor for more comprehensive information on the subject.

How Limb Lengthening Surgery Works?

There are two main reasons for preferring limb lengthening surgery; one is limb length discrepancy, and the other is aesthetic reasons:

  • A limb length discrepancy refers to a situation where an individual's arms or legs are not the same length, and this difference can be seen in both the upper and lower parts of the limbs. A slight difference in the lengths of our arms or legs is common, but when the discrepancy becomes more significant, it is more likely to cause pain or disrupt daily activities.
  • Aesthetic reasons, on the other hand, involve individuals preferring to have longer heights without any medical necessity.

Regardless of the reason, limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical procedure, and the methods applied are the same, whether it's for aesthetic or medical reasons. During these examinations, the doctor assesses the person's overall health, conducts blood tests, reviews X-ray images, and evaluates bone health to determine whether the individual is suitable for the surgery. For those deemed suitable, the process begins. Patients who are suitable for surgery decide which method to prefer.

  • The LON method in leg lengthening surgeries combines an intramedullary nail with an external fixator. While the external fixator may compromise comfort and aesthetics as it's attached externally to the skin, it ensures reliable leg lengthening. Patients prefer the LON method because it allows supported walking with the fixator in place and is more cost-effective than internal nails like Precice.
  • Precice 2 is an advanced, entirely internal device for leg lengthening surgeries. It stands out because it allows control of the lengthening process from the inside using a magnetic remote control, eliminating the need for external devices on the skin. While this method is slightly more expensive due to the device, patients prefer it because there is no external fixator, reducing dressing and hygiene concerns mainly during the first 15 days.

The period after limb lengthening surgery is crucial for all patients, as it's when new bone forms in the gap created during the procedure. Following the treatment plan carefully and avoiding leg injuries is essential.

Patients considering this surgery must prioritize regular physical therapy. As the bones lengthen, surrounding tissues like blood vessels, nerves, and muscles also stretch, which can cause discomfort. Neglecting to participate in physical therapy can lead to persistent problems and impede a complete recovery. Regular physiotherapy sessions help strengthen and increase flexibility in the legs. Additionally, following progress and frequently changing bandages are essential components of the recovery process.        

When we consider all of these processes together, we can actually say that patients should expect a lengthy and intensive recovery process that requires extensive treatment. If you are considering limb lengthening surgery, the first thing you should do is to contact a specialist doctor in the field to hear about the process directly from the him/her. 


As the Medzonia team, you can obtain information about the surgical process from the video we have prepared for you above, or you can follow our other videos on our YouTube page. Moreover, for any other questions you may have, you can get in touch with our patient representatives.

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