The 5 Best Hanging Exercises To Grow Taller

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How can you grow taller? Make the chin up bar your best friend while you are at working on your height. Hanging exercises are great for decompressing your spine, strengthening the cartilage and muscles supporting the spine, and lengthening it by more than two inches on their own.

There are innumerable horizontal bar exercises that discuss how to become taller but they could easily cause injuries if not done properly. Here is a collection of the 5 best hanging exercises that need you to just relax your body for effective results. Perform all of these exercises with fingers facing ahead.

Hanging Exercises For Grow Taller

1) Hanging Bicycling

Hang freely from the chin up bar with hands slightly more than shoulder width apart, and start riding an imaginary bicycle. Relax your body and legs and work the pedals in a large circle. This exercise provides a big boost to the growth of your legs.

2) Hanging Twists

Hang from the bar with grips less than shoulder width apart. Now generate some momentum with your legs and twist from side to side. Continue twisting slowly for one minute keeping your head steady. Do not let your body jerk as you change direction.

3) Hanging Splits

Hang with grips shoulder width apart. Extend one leg forward and the other leg backward. Push them as far apart as you can. Switch leg positions. Now push your legs to the sides and stretch them as much and as high as you can.

4) Chin-ups

Regular chin ups are fantastic how to get taller exercises as they serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they stretch and strengthen the arms, shoulders, neck, chest and back. Secondly, intense sessions boost the release of growth hormones in the bloodstream that stay for more than 2 hours.

5) Hanging Knee Raises

Hang from the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Bend your knees fully and bring them up to your chest while curling your pelvis. Do not arch your back; round it. You will know that you are doing it correctly if you feel enough pressure in your abs.

There is no limit to the amount of hanging exercises you can do; the more the better for your height. Although you should take enough care not to injure yourself doing these exercises, you will get better and faster results by stepping up the intensity of your workouts. Performing hanging exercises at the end of an aerobic session is the best way to go.

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