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Physiotherapy after Limb Lengthening Surgery

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Physiotherapy after Limb Lengthening SurgeryLimb Lengthening Surgery is a procedure aimed at lengthening the bones of the legs. Typically performed to correct shortness or discrepancies in leg length or for aesthetic preferences, this surgery involves cutting the bones and then slowly extending them using special devices (external fixators or intramedullary nails). This process encourages the development of new bone tissue. The importance of post-surgery physical therapy and rehabilitation is significant, and the success of this process largely depends on these treatments.

Importance of Physiotherapy

After limb lengthening surgery, the most crucial aspect patients need to focus on is physical therapy because it is possible to extend the leg and maintain bone health during the physical therapy process. To minimize potential risks, undergoing physical therapy without delay under the guidance of expert physiotherapists is critical for a healthy recovery process. Below, you can find a detailed list of the current requirements of physical therapy.

  • Rapid Recovery: Physical therapy accelerates the post-surgery recovery process. Regular exercises and therapies increase blood circulation, aiding in the faster healing of new bone tissue and surrounding soft tissues.
  • Increasing Muscle Strength: Due to the devices used during the lengthening process, muscles can become unused for a long period. Physical therapy helps restore muscle strength and flexibility, allowing patients to gradually return to their normal range of movement.
  • Maintaining Joint Mobility: Joints can stiffen after surgery. Physical therapy is necessary to maintain and increase the range of motion of joints. This enables the patient to perform daily activities more easily and painlessly.
  • Improving Walking Ability: Patients who have undergone limb lengthening surgery often need to relearn normal walking patterns. Special exercises and walking therapies in physical therapy help patients walk correctly and effectively.
  • Reducing the Risk of Complications: Physical therapy reduces the risk of post-surgery complications. Regular exercise and movement can decrease the risk of blood clots and infections.

Limb lengthening surgeries involve stretching the bones after a surgical break. As bones lengthen, the surrounding tissues – like blood vessels, nerves, and muscles – are also stretched. Gaining 5-7 cm in height from a single procedure can strain these tissues, causing pain and limiting leg and foot mobility.

However, just as we can train muscles to be stronger or more flexible, we can also train our legs to adapt to their new length through stretching and physical therapy. Without this therapy, patients may suffer from intense pain, walking difficulties, or even infections; therefore, it is very important that health professionals regularly conduct these sessions.

Pain after Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation that requires a lengthy recovery process. Therefore, it is quite normal for patients to experience pain in their legs, especially after the surgery. However, the amount of pain experienced can vary from person to person, depending on their pain threshold and overall health condition. Therefore, it is not possible to give a definitive answer to the question of pain.

Physical therapy is very important for reducing patients' pain and allowing them to move more comfortably. Additionally, patients who experience intense pain may be given painkillers under doctor's supervision. Therefore, instead of worrying about this issue, focusing on leg health and comfort through physical therapies is a much more appropriate approach. If you are curious about the physical therapy process after limb lengthening surgery, you can check out the explanations of our physiotherapists on our YouTube page and get more detailed information. You can access other topics related to the surgery process on the blog section of our website.

Before we conclude our article, we would like to mention that limb lengthening surgery is a serious surgical operation. It is very important to discuss all details of the process, especially with a specialist doctor, before undergoing the surgery. If you want to have more detailed information about the process, you can directly contact our patient representatives.

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