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Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey: 5 Phases of Preparation

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Limb Lengthening Surgery in Turkey: 5 Phases of Preparation

How do you prepare for the limb lengthening surgery?

If you are thinking of having a limb lengthening surgery in Turkey and have questions about the procedure, our article will explain how you prepare for the limb lengthening surgery.

Limb lengthening surgery in Turkey is a terrific idea when you find the proper facility for your improvement! Many people travel to Turkey from other countries for cosmetic surgery procedures in order to attain their body goals and improve their appearance using Wanna Be Taller.

Wanna Be Taller has been serving as a link between our patients and contracted surgeons for over ten years. We have touched many lives, learned a lot, improved our service quality significantly, and have had a lot of experiences with our dear patients up to this point. Day and night, good and bad. We've shared lots of adventures with them. Everything has improved, and we continue to rise by doing what we enjoy. We decided to create a comprehensive limb lengthening surgery guide to show you what awaits you in Turkey!

Height Augmentation Development

Height augmentation surgery was first performed in the 1950s. Dwarfism and bone anomalies were the most common conditions treated with the procedure. More and more people suffering from bone deformities were helped as the procedure's techniques and equipment evolved and improved. Their previously crooked or misaligned limbs were straightened, and they were able to live more productive lives.

Because this procedure produces such dramatic results for people with abnormalities, it became available to people who wanted to grow taller. It is now used for both cosmetic purposes and to correct bone deformities and abnormalities. The principle of distraction osteogenesis is used to achieve limb lengthening. The basic idea is to surgically break the bone (osteotomy) and then gradually extend (distract) it with an internal or external fixation device. Internal fixation devices (i.e. intramedullary motorized telescopic nails like Stryde and Precice), external fixation devices (i.e. Ilizarov Method), or combinations of both are used for distraction osteogenesis (i.e LON).

Get Ready For Operation!

Our professional team will provide you with more precise information on what you must do in the days and hours preceding the height-increasing surgery. To promote optimal healing and a smooth recovery, it is recommended that you stay active, eat a healthy diet, and stop smoking prior to any operation.

Certain medications may need to be discontinued in the days leading up to surgery to avoid excessive bleeding or anesthesia interaction during the procedure. Always consult your doctor before taking any prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, or supplements.

Stress management and a focus on good psychological health are also important in decreasing irritation levels in the body to aid in recovery. The better your health is prior to surgery, the less difficult your healing and therapy will be. 

Side-Note: The LON(Combined) patients cannot sleep on their sides due to the external fixator, therefore, they sleep on their backs during the whole lengthening process. It's a bit more comfortable for the Precice2 patients because there is no external fixator, but still, the intramedullary nails are sensitive therefore it is not advised for Precice2 patients to sleep on their sides as well. For the surgery preparation, patients may practice sleeping on their backs. 

We advise especially the femur-LON(Combined) patients to bring shorts that can open from their sides either with snaps or chains. For the tibia-LON(Combined) patients, when they are buying tracksuits, they are advised to choose clothes with snap crotch, it is the same with their underwear as well. This is not the case for Precice2 patients, they can wear comfortable clothes with no snaps, buttons, or chains on the side.

What You Can Expect

Height Increasing Surgery is a procedure that you and your doctor will decide on, and it will be scheduled in advance based on the availability of your surgeon.

Prior to Limb Lengthening Surgery

You will be taken to a pre-op room on the day of your leg lengthening surgery and asked to change into a gown. The surgical team will perform a brief physical examination on you and ask you questions about your medical history. You will be placed on a hospital bed. The surgical team will transport you in and out of the operating room using the hospital bed.

The osteotomy, or bone cutting, and placement of an external fixator or internal lengthening nail can be done under general anesthesia, which will put you to sleep during the procedure, or under epidural anesthesia, which will numb you from the waist down. You may be awake during the procedure with epidural anesthesia, but you should not feel any pain.

Quick tips for visiting Turkey

1. How do I apply for a visa for Turkey?

www.evisa.gov.tr is a government portal operated by Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Individual, family (minimum of two and maximum of ten people), and group e-Visa applications can be created (minimum of 10 and maximum of 300 people).

Only Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay credit/debit cards are accepted for payment. The card does not have to be in your name. Please ensure that your card has a "3D Secure System" and that it is capable of international transactions.

Within an hour of receiving the "e-mail address verification message," you must click the "approve" button and complete the payment within 48 hours. Otherwise, your application will time out, the system will refuse payment, and you will have to start over.

2.Turkey's weather

Of course, the weather will vary depending on where you go in Turkey. It is a massive country that spans two continents and has a diverse topography. Turkey's weather varies from desert-dry to hot summers to cold snowy winters. The northeast is generally colder, the center (near/west of Cappadocia) is desert hot/cold, and the Mediterranean area, which includes Istanbul, has hot summers and mild winters.

3.In Turkey, some websites are forbidden

If you thinking of limb lengthening surgery in Turkey you should know that Booking.com does not allow you to book a stay in Turkey if you are already there. PayPal is not available in Turkey. BUT, if you have the PayPal mobile APPLICATION, you can access your PayPal account through that.

Travel Adapter for Turkey

Another quick tip about limb lengthening in Turkey is adapters. F type is the basic European outlet. The standard voltage is 220 V. 

4.Shopping Paradise

Between the markets, bazaars, and artisan craft shops, your head may spin with the abundance of beautiful and reasonably priced items to buy: rugs, towels, jewelry, books, cooking ware, copper crafts, ceramics, paintings, pillowcases, special souvenirs, antiques! Everyone will find something enjoyable!

Here are some of the most useful items:

  • Turkish electrical adapter
  • Sweater for cold nights in the desert
  • Hat for sunny days
  • Travel insurance (depending on your country)
  • Flowy long dresses (perfect for hot weather + layering)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Scarf for visiting mosques
  • Bathing suit for Turkish baths/Hamman


5.Turkish Language

Although most young people in Turkey speak English, it is fun to learn a few words in their native language when traveling. Don't you think?                 
Here are some Turkish words and their definitions:

  • Yes – Evet
  • No – Hayır
  • Hello – Merhaba
  • Goodbye – Güle güle
  • Please – Lütfen
  • Thanks – Teşekkürler
  • Good night – İyi geceler
  • Good morning – Günaydın
  • Good evening – İyi akşamlar


Why does everyone go to Turkey for surgery?

Every year, the number of patients operated on grows, as does the reputation of Turkish doctors around the world. When it comes to the price/performance ratio, Turkey is very reasonable because the cost is much lower than in European, British, and American cities. If you wonder about Limb Lengthening costs you can look at our blog page.

Health Tourism in Turkey

 Furthermore, the regulations in the health industry in Turkey are highly strict and well-monitored, making Turkey the best destination for plastic surgery procedures, as the regulations in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and other low-cost countries with a reputation in the aesthetic surgery industry are not well-qualified. In a nutshell, this explains Turkey's dominant position!

Who We Are?

As Wanna Be Taller Team, we decided to connect successful doctors with prospective patients who want to lengthen their height because there is no satisfactory information about limb lengthening surgery anywhere in the world, including in Turkey.

Thanks to the International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, we are the first official intermediary organization that operates within the scope of international health tourism.

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