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Limb Lengthening Surgery Cost 2024

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Deciding on limb lengthening surgery is a major choice for patients, particularly when considering the expertise of the surgeons and the costs involved. This surgery, aimed at height growth, can be costly and requires a significant commitment in terms of time and effort. For patients opting for this procedure to increase their height, having comprehensive information from the outset is vital. They need to understand the entire process, including how the surgery is performed, scheduling the operation, what to expect during post-operative care, and the recovery phase. There are numerous aspects to consider regarding height increase surgery, including the current limb lengthening surgery cost in 2024. It's essential for patients to be fully informed about all these factors to make a well-rounded decision.

How to Select the Right Limb Lengthening Center and Orthopedic Surgeon for You

With the increase in the effect of lengthening surgery, it has started to attract the attention of many people in recent years. The interest in lengthening surgery is increasing rapidly all over the world, and this situation causes this method to develop day by day. Especially in the last few years, with the development of the technical materials and methods used in this surgery, their prices have increased simultaneously. At this point, we can say that current techniques are developing day by day and prices are updated accordingly. 

When it comes to lenghtening surgery, the first criterion that patients should pay attention to is who the doctor is and what are the techniques used. In this article, we have compiled many unknown details about lengthening surgery for you.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Doctors And Costs 2022

What are the Recent Limb Lengthening Surgery Methods and Techniques?

Limb lengthening currently has 3 different surgery techniques; which are internal fixation (Precice, Precice Stryde), external fixation (Holyfix, Ilizarov), and the combination of both internal and external fixation (LON). However, external fixation methods, which are Holyfix and Ilizarov are not preferred much by both the patients and the doctors anymore. The reason for this is that the Precice, Precice Stryde, and the LON(Combined) methods are more comfortable, while they are less risky.

It is essential for the patients to comprehend that any surgical treatment or procedure carries some degree of risks and complications. Although limb lengthening surgeries have a very high rate of success, and patients who have had limb lengthening surgery got through it without facing any sort of complications, there are still rare cases of risks involved such as bone infection, slow bone union, and so on. For instance, the risk of infection is always present till the fixators are removed given the fact that the external fixators are attached to the legs. Thus, such a risk could materialize and cause unnecessary problems if the patient is without proper care and hygiene routines. This is why our doctor, Assoc. Prof Dr. Yunus Öç doesn’t recommend Holyfix and Ilizarov.

In our article, we will mention only the prices of 3 methods; 

  1. Precice 2.2 
  2. Precice Stryde 
  3. LON (Combined) 

It is also good to mention that the production of Stryde nails has been stopped and it is not currently being used.

Limb lengthening surgery methods

When contemplating any surgery to increase height, the expertise of the surgeons is important. The medical personnel, healthcare facilities, and support teams should possess extensive experience in lengthening surgery. They should also be adept at managing post-operative care and addressing any complications that may arise after the procedure. Taking into account these aspects, along with the financial implications and the surgical techniques employed, patients can anticipate a superior healthcare experience. This is especially true when under the care of a surgeon with a substantial track record in limb lengthening surgery, backed by a proficient team.

Why Should You Choose Turkey for Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Limb lengthening surgery is considered under the name of cosmetic surgery and its price is quite expensive compared to other types of surgery. Although some patients pay these fees with difficulty, it is not even possible to pay them for some people. Moreover, health policies do not cover this surgery because medical insurance companies consider this surgery to be cosmetic surgery. This situation causes the cost to be significantly higher in America and European countries. 

At this point, due to the Turkish exchange rate, the cost of this surgery is much more affordable than in other countries. Turkey, which offers a very high quality service experience at the point of lengthening surgery, offers very affordable prices compared to other countries. Thus, patients can get the same quality experience at a much more affordable price. 

To understand this situation more clearly, we will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of limb-lengthening surgery doctors and costs in various countries to choose the best possible lengthening surgery within your budget and reach out in this article. 

However, before having a glimpse of the leg lengthening surgery price available worldwide; we would like you to consider taking a glance at our doctors, medical teams, and surgical methodologies that we practice, and the relative costs.

The Full List of Limb Lengthening Surgery Doctors and Costs around the World 2024

Doctor’s name Hospital Prices
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Öç   

The current prices are; 

22,850$ for the LON method, 48,500$ for the PRECICE 2.2.

We can’t give the price for the Stryde method because its production has been stopped.

Dr. Dror Paley Paley Orthopedic & Spine Institute (Florida, USA)

Dr. Paley’s price range changes from which leg part the surgery will be performed on.

The bilateral femur (upper leg) lengthening up to 8 cm in height costs $95,500 for the Precice method. 

Bilateral tibia (lower leg) lengthening up to 5 cm in height costs $106,000 for the Precice method.

Dr. Robert Rozbruch Limb Lengthening and Complex Reconstruction (HSS New York, USA)

Dr. Rozbruch’s surgery price for the Precice 2.2 method is $125,000 from either the femur or tibia.

 There is also an extra fee for the nail removal surgery; $20,000 for either the femur or tibia.

Dr. Shahab Mahboubian Height Lengthening Institute (Hollywood CA, the USA)

Just like Dr. Paley, Dr. Mahboubian’s surgery prices change for the femur and the tibia. 

 Bilateral femur lengthening with the Precice method is $82,000, and Bilateral tibia lengthening with the Precice method is $92,000.

If the patient would like to have the surgery from both the femur and the tibia, Dr. Mahboubian does it with 3-4 weeks apart, and it costs $194,000.

Dr. Kevin Debiparshad LimbPlastx Institute (Las Vegas, USA) The femur lengthening procedure costs $82,000 and the tibia lengthening procedure costs $91,000.
Dr. Augustin Betz Betz Institute (Germany)

Dr. Augustin Betz uses a nail that is the creation of his own Institute called Betzbone Nail.                          
The prices are $60.000 for the bilateral femoral lengthening and $65,000 for the bilateral tibial lengthening. 

For the nail removal surgery, which is paid as an extra, from the femur, it is €7,200 and from the tibia, it is € 7,500.

Dr. Rainer Baumgart ZEM (Germany) The price range for the limb lengthening surgery with Dr. Baumgart is between $120,000 and $160,000 for both the femur and the tibia. 
Dr. Donghoon Lee Donghoon Advanced Lengthening Reconstruction Institute (South Korea)  The surgery price for the LON (Combine) method is $40,000 and the price for the Precice method is $72,000.

 You can also get more information about 9 World-Renowned limb lengthening surgeons from this article.

The Services that are Included in our Prices

  • Welcoming at the airport
  • VIP transfer throughout the entire process
  • Accommodation in a luxurious hotel for 2 days before the operation
  • Complimentary Istanbul tour (historical places, famous restaurants)
  • All tests and examinations
  • A caretaker who speaks your language during hospitalization 
  • 24-hour specialist nurse support
  • Daily doctor checks
  • Daily physiotherapy checks (increasing mobility, exercise training) during your stay at the hospital
  • Daily medical dressing, medication, and pain checks during your stay at the hospital
  • Transfer to the hotel by fully equipped ambulance on the day of discharge

If you would like to get more information about our doctor, company, and limb lengthening in general, please contact our patient consultant. If you would like to get more information about before and after surgery, you can learn what you are curious about by reviewing our patient interviews on our Youtube page.

In addition, if you want to get a more objective comment about our doctor, who performs all our operations with great care and attention, you can listen to the comments of a British patient in our video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost to get your legs lengthened?    
    The price range for limb lengthening surgery varies for different countries, methods, doctors, and so on. But, in general, it is between $18.000- $150.000.
  2. Is limb lengthening surgery expensive?    
    Although the price range varies for different places of the world, because limb lengthening surgery is a cosmetic surgery and affects the big part of the body, it can be quiet expensive. 
  3. Who is the best limb lengthening surgeon in Turkey?                       
    There are some well-known limb lengthening surgeons in Turkey that are preferred by patients around the world, but Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yunus Öç is the most experienced one in Turkey.
  4. How many inches can height surgery add?                       
    With one surgery, 5-8 cm and with two surgeries 12-15 cm height increase is possible.
  5. Does height surgery have side effects?                       
    If the patient’s recovery process is healthily finished and the bone union is done correctly, the occurrence of any side effect is a very low possibility.

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