Bruce From UK: Travelling To Turkey To Become Taller

Travelling to Turkey to Become Taller

It is no secret that we have a special bond with our patients, more than anyone else doing this job. This was the case with Bruce as well. He travelled from UK to Istanbul to have limb lengthening surgery to become taller. Bruce’s choice was LON method, the most preferred become tallersurgery method by the majority of our patients. His plan was to lengthen femurs. We had a really good time with him in Istanbul and became good friends.

We had a boat tour in the Bosphorus, visited Ayasofya, Grand Bazaar and other sights of Istanbul. Also a good meal because you know that Turkish cuisine is really worth checking.

travelling to turkey to become taller bruce

After knowing each other better and clicking lots of photos, we headed up to the hospital to see the doctor and also go through medical tests.

When the test results came out and we made sure that there was no obstacle in Bruce’s surgery to become taller, he had a very good and smooth surgery and felt very good after the operation.

He didn’t have too much pain, also Bruce was able to walk after limb lengthening surgery with the help of a walker. We filmed a nice interview with him, and to our luck, in the middle of the interview, the doctor came into the room to check how his limb lengthening patient is doing. Overall it was a very beautiful experience for both Bruce and our team. We are honored to play a role in his journey to become taller!

You can check his limb lengthening patient review/interview here:

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