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Average Height in Mexico 2023

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Average height in Mexico 2023Located in the south of North America and known for its colorful culture and rich history, Mexico is also famous as the second most populous country in the world. Another feature that comes to mind when Mexico is mentioned is, of course, its rich cuisine and colorful festivals. We can also say that this country, which also contains the ruins of the ancient Mayan and Aztec civilizations, is a popular and beautiful destination for tourists. So, what do we know about the population of this country, which is famous in many areas? You can find average height in Mexico 2023 data and interesting details about Mexico's population from the rest of our article. 

When it comes to average height, 2023 data shows us that the average Mexican male height is 167cm and the average female height is 158cm. However, since this is a general average, there are also individual differences. When we compare these average heights with other countries, we can say that they are neither too tall nor too short. For example, when we compare it with Japan, we can say that there is a similar average height; The average male height in Japan is 171cm and the average female height is 158cm. These data show us the similarity of average height between Japan, one of the most developed countries in the world, and Mexico.

Factors Affecting Average Height 

When we make a worldwide comparison, height averages can be very different from each other in each country. Even between countries on the same continent, there are serious differences in average height. So what could be the reason for this? 

Of course, when it comes to average height, one of the first factors to be evaluated is the genetic structure, but there are other effective factors as well. The level of development of countries directly affects the quality of life of the people; The fact that the population, whose quality of life is increasing, has a healthy diet, leads a stress-free life and can easily benefit from health services affects the general health status as well as the average height. In fact, this factor indicates the development of the socio-economic level and the higher level of well-being of the people. However, on the contrary, the health of the people who eat unhealthy, live in a relatively polluted environment and cannot benefit from health services is adversely affected, and therefore this situation also affects the average height. 

In short, although the average height of people depends mainly on genetic factors, it is directly related to the level of development of the countries they live in and, accordingly, what kind of life they lead. If we list the factors affecting height averages; 

  • Genetic factors, 
  • Eating habits, 
  • Socio-economic level, 
  • Health services, 
  • Environmental factors.

Average Height for Men in Mexico

Of course, as in every city and country, average height in Mexico may vary according to geographical regions, ethnicities and age groups. When we compare the average male height with other countries, we can say that it is neither too high nor too short. Considering the 2023 data, the average Mexican male height is 167cm, but since this is an average data, it varies depending on different regions of the country and the ethnicity of the people living there. The clearest example of this is that while there are people from Mayan, Nahua and other indigenous peoples in some regions, there is a concentration of Mexicans of Spanish origin in other regions. This situation shows us that there may be genetic differences in different ethnic groups and, accordingly, there may be changes in average height.

Average Height for Women in Mexico

Since Mexico is a country with many ethnic groups, it is normal for there to be differences in physical characteristics among the people. In this country where ethnic and geographical diversity is common, the average height of women is 158cm. This average, which we can say is relatively short when compared to other countries, may vary from region to region, as we said before.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb lengthening surgeryAlthough there is an average height for each country, height can vary from person to person. For example, in a country with an average tall height, there may be short people, as well. People who see themselves below average height and are uncomfortable with this situation can look for remedies to increase their height. We can say that lengthening surgery comes into play at this point. With the end of adolescence, natural height growth stops, and after that, the only solution available for people to increase their height is height increase surgery. Lengthening surgery is a surgical operation that helps people to increase their height between 5cm and 13cm (8cm and above is possible with two surgeries). Whether you can have this surgery or how many cm you will grow is determined after your doctor's examinations. This surgery, which has started to attract a lot of attention around the world, has become highly preferred, especially in recent years. If you want to get detailed information about limb lengthening surgery, you can watch our video below and contact our patient representatives directly. You can also follow our TikTok account and be informed about our current announcements and the surgery processes of our patients.

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