5 Facts About Limb Lengthening Surgery In Turkey

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1- There is a Safe Limb Lengthening Amount

Patients and Doctors must be realistic about the lengthening amount that will be gained with a single Limb Lengthening surgery. Expectations must meet with reality especially when it comes to health. The safe lengthening amount with a single Limb Lengthening surgery is 3 inches. Or to be exact:  Femurs (Thighs)  6 – 8 cms ; Tibias (Calfs): 5 – 7 cms.

Safe Limb Lengthening Amount

It must be noted that anything more than 8 cms on femurs and 7 cms on the Tibias, increases the risk of muscular or nerve damage. Additionally, height gain from a Limb Lengthening surgery can vary from one person to another so it is highly recommended to follow the Doctor’s advice on height again amount. Thus, when Limb Lengthening patients think about having a limb Lengthening surgery, they must limit their expectations to the safe lengthening amount limit.

2- Limb Lengthening Period Takes Up to Three Months

Regardless of the Limb Lengthening method, the lengthening period takes up to 90 days. 5 days post-surgery (after being discharged from the hospital) the patient can start lengthening. The patient can gain up to 1 mm/day. Meaning, for each 1 cm 10 days will be needed. For example, for 8 cms on femur, the patient will need 80 days, however, for 7 cms on tibias, he/she will need 70 days.

Limb Lengthening Result

Once the lengthening is over, the Doctor will examine the patients’ bones. Depending on the patients’ bone healing, the external fixator’s removal surgery date will be determined. But mostly, it takes up to 1-2 weeks.

3- Six Inches Can Be Gained with Two Limb Lengthening Surgeries

Many patients opt to have two Limb Lengthening surgeries to gain up more height. In two limb lengthening surgery patients can gain up to 6 inches or 12-15 cms. Since having both the tibias and femur lengthened in one surgery is risky, patients prefer starting with tibias lengthening surgery and then the femur. The reason behind this is that tibia lengthening is less painful and more comfortable as reported by many patients.

Limb Lengthening Surgery Patient

However, it must be noted that a gap of 2 weeks-6 months between both Limb Lengthening surgeries must be left. For example, if a patient had LON surgery, he/she can have the second surgery around 2 weeks after external fixator’s removal.

4- Staying in Turkey after Limb Lengthening is Optional

The Limb lengthening patients’ stay in Turkey is dependent on the method performed. For Instance, patients who have LON method Limb Lengthening can return back to their country after being discharged from the hospital (5 days post-surgery). But they must come back after 3 months for external fixator’s removal surgery. Meanwhile, they must have physiotherapy sessions, exercises, take their medications, take care of the dressings, have x-rays and maintain healthy nutrition.

Thus, Wanna Be Taller provides a post-accommodation package that includes all the mentioned in one place. As reported by patients staying in Turkey during the lengthening period has made it more comfortable and easier for them to overcome this period and achieve the optimal results. This decision is totally up to patients, but it must be noted that lengthening can be done in the patients’ country and staying in Turkey is optional and not a must.

5- Height Gain is the Same in all Limb Lengthening Methods

Now with all Limb Lengthening methods, the height gain is the same. The methods differ in recovery period, walking period, types of nails used and the ways they are conducted.

Limb Lengthening Physiotherapy

For instance, Precice 2 and Precice Stryde are internal methods. However, LON, ILizarov and Holyfix are combined methods where both internal nails and external fixators are used. Thus, the patient must expect the same height gain with all methods.

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