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3 Effective Methods to Increase Height Naturally at Home

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Nowadays, so many people suffer from the short stature, and therefore they sometimes resort to natural or medical methods in order to become taller.  When it comes to lengthening height, the first thing we need to state is that height growth depends on different factors. Some of these factors depend on genetics and some on external factors. If you want to increase your height with natural methods and are curious about the methods of increasing your height at home, we will talk about the details of these for you in our blog post. It’s also important to note that it is not possible to increase height with these methods after puberty, you can only look taller with the things such as posture correction. Besides, height increase surgery is the only option to grow taller permanently after puberty.

What are the Ways to Increase Height with Natural Methods?

1. Height increasing vitamins, 

2. Nutrition program for height extension, 

3. Exercises that can help to increase height. 

1. Vitamins That Help to Increase Height

Vitamins that help to increase height

If you are a teenager and want to become taller, the vitamins you get from the foods you consume are very important. We should state that it’s not a sufficient method for increasing height alone, however you can get efficiency with other necessary factors if you haven’t complete you puberty period. When puberty period is completed, the growth plates are closed and, vitamins or supplements don’t help you increase your height. You can explore which vitamins support height growth in the continuation of our article.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A, also known as retinol and retinoic acid, is an important vitamin that helps children grow taller. This vitamin, found in foods such as carrots, spinach, lentils, lettuce, broccoli and pumpkin, it also has many different benefits in addition to increasing height.

• Vitamin B12: B12, which we know with its many different benefits, helps increase height by supporting bone and tissue health. It is mostly found in seafood and dairy products.

• Vitamin D: Vitamin D, which has significant effects on bone and dental health, helps the body absorb important minerals such as phosphorus and calcium, which is very effective in increasing height. Vitamin D is found especially in foods such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, oats, butter and mushrooms.

• Vitamin K: Vitamin K, which contributes to bone development especially in children and young people, is a very important vitamin for height increase. Vitamin K, which is mostly found in green vegetables, is also found in fruits and oilseeds.

2.Nutrition Suggestion to Increase Height

Nutrition suggestions to increase height growth

Short stature can be caused by many factors such as genetic factors, chronic diseases, bone problems and nutritional deficiency. No matter what problem it is caused by, this is an important problem for both children and adults. Although it is not entirely possible to grow taller with natural methods after puberty, it is possible to see improvement with some habits that we integrate into our daily lifestyle. In the continuation of our article, we have listed some nutrition suggestions to increase height that you can easily fit into your daily life.

Milk and dairy products: Milk and dairy products, which we are all familiar with, contribute significantly to the height development of children. Kefir, yogurt and other fermented dairy products contribute to height increase thanks to the vitamins, A, B, E and D they contain.

Dried fruits: Dried fruits and fruit pulp are also a serious source of calcium and therefore they are effective in increasing height. You can increase the amount of calcium you consume by adding dried fruits, either as a snack or to the dairy products you consume.

Oil Seeds: Oil seeds, especially sesame, are among the food groups that stimulate the growth hormone. As long as you pay attention to the consumption rate due to the amount of fat they contain, calcium-rich pumpkin seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and flaxseeds will contribute to your height increase.

Legumes: Legumes rich in zinc and magnesium, especially chickpeas, dry beans, soybeans and kidney beans, are among the foods that help increase height. You can contribute to your height growth by including these foods in your snacks or dinner.

Seafood: Salmon, bonito, mackerel and tuna contribute to bone development thanks to the beneficial oils they contain. Consuming seafood at regular intervals will support a healthy bone structure and height growth.

3.Height Growth Exercises

Height growth exercises

Height growth exercises are among the most effective methods at this point. You can support your height development and straighten your posture with simple and effective exercises at home. When you straigten your posture, you will look taller. Additionally, if you pay attention to the nutritional recommendations we have compiled for you above, you will be much more likely to get results. In the rest of our article, we have compiled exercises that will help you grow taller and that you can easily do at home.

• Backbend: The main purpose of the backbend is to stretch the body. If done regularly, you will see that your muscles relax and contribute to your height growth. However, if you have any injury or other discomfort in your body, you should not do these types of exercises without asking your doctor.

• Jump rope: If you have enough space at home, jumping rope can be a great exercise. Known for its contribution to height growth, jump rope also helps tighten your body.

Jumping: Jumping, which is a type of exercise that you can easily do anywhere you want, without the need for any sports equipment or a large area, is very useful for increasing height.

Cobra stretch: Cobra, which is mainly aimed at increasing spinal movement, helps you grow taller by strengthening your muscles. This exercise has so many benefits if you do regularly, but ones who has some kind of physical ilness should be careful before doing it. The suggestions and ideas of a doctor would be good for your physical health. 

You can consider that there are two methods for height growth which are natural and medical. However, we should reiterate that height growth is quite difficult, especially after puberty is completed. Therefore, you should not expect miraculous results after the natural methods you apply. If you want your height to grow permanently, natural methods will not be enough at this point; instead the most effective method will be height lengthening surgery. For detailed information about limb lengthening surgery, you can take a look at our article or contact our patient representatives via whatsapp or contact form.

+8.5cm limb lengthening surgery before after

You can also get detailed information about the operation process by examining the experience of Mr. Mehmet, one of our patients who has undergone height lengthening surgery. 

Another issue that we need to focus on is chronic diseases and physical disorders. If you have any physical disability or discomfort, you should definitely consult your doctor about the changes you will make in your diet or the exercises you will do in your daily life.

FAQ About Height Growth at Home

1. How can I increase my height?

For people who have not completed puberty, it is possible to increase height with a correct nutrition program and routine exercise; However, if you have completed your puberty period and you are an adult, it is unfortunately not possible to increase your height by natural methods. Height growth for adult individuals is possible only with surgery.

2. Can I grow taller after 18?

Height growth stops around 16-18 years of age for girls and 18-20 years of age for boys. Since these are the ages when puberty ends, it is not possible to grow taller naturally. People who want to increase their height after the age of 18 need to undergo surgery.

3. What to eat to increase height?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase height with food consumption alone. A correct nutrition program and exercise routine are needed before puberty for height growth, and genetic factors are also very important. After puberty, the only way to increase height is to have surgery. 

4.How can I grow taller naturally at home?

In order to grow taller naturally at home, you have to first pay attention to your diet and the sports routine you do. However, you should not forget that it is not possible to increase height naturally, especially after puberty.

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