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2024 Height Reduction Surgery

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Height reduction surgery, a medical procedure that has garnered increasing interest in recent years, stems from individuals' desires for significant physical appearance changes. This surgical intervention aims to decrease an individual's height by a specific amount and is often chosen for aesthetic or medical reasons. Executing this procedure necessitates a high level of expertise and thorough preliminary preparation. Pricing for height reduction surgery varies depending on the country and institution where it is performed. Factors affecting pricing include the complexity of the surgery, the range of necessary medical interventions, and the quality of services provided by the healthcare institution. In this article, the Medzonia team will explore the general procedures and pricing associated with height reduction surgery, a specialty we have been offering for the past two years.

After Height Reduction Surgery

Understanding that height reduction surgery is a complex and lengthy procedure, it's crucial to emphasize the importance of diligent follow-up and regular medical check-ups to minimize potential risks and ensure a smooth recovery process. For international patients considering this surgery in Turkey, we highly recommend planning for a 2-3 month stay to fully benefit from the comprehensive post-operative care, including physical therapy and additional health services. To facilitate this, we offer monthly accommodation packages that encompass comprehensive care for patients. These services are primarily provided at Days Hotel by Wyndham Istanbul Esenyurt, with whom we have established a partnership. The packages include 3 daily meals, physical therapy sessions, X-rays, medications, dressing care, dry cleaning, access to a dietitian, psychotherapy sessions, monthly activities, and hospital transfers.

Current Prices for Height Reduction Surgery

Patients considering this surgery should also be aware of the overall costs, including both the surgical procedure and accommodation expenses. To streamline the process for patients, our company, Medzonia, provides package options. Currently, our surgery price stands at 19,850 USD. However, it's important to factor in additional expenses. You can find detailed package options in the table below:

Without 2 Meals per day (Only breakfast is included)

With 3 Meals per day

1 month accommodation package: 3.150$ (1 + 1 Room)

1 month accommodation package: 3.580$ (1 + 1 Room)

3 month accommodation package: 9.250$ (1 + 1 Room)

3 month accommodation package: 10.540$ (1 + 1 Room)

The company does not cover expenses such as flight tickets, internal nail removal surgery fees, complication fees, and personal expenses. Patients should also be mindful of potential hidden costs, such as fines for overstaying a visa. If you exceed the legal 90-day period, you may incur fines ranging from 100 to 400 USD at the airport, depending on your nationality and the duration of the overstay. Hence, it's recommended to allocate an additional 5,000 to 8,000 USD for these potential expenses.

Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy plays a pivotal role in ensuring the successful healing of patients' bones following surgery. To facilitate this, our doctors recommend that patients remain in Turkey for approximately 2-3 months post-surgery. This allows for uninterrupted physical therapy sessions and enables our medical team to closely monitor the healing process. The surgery impacts the muscles surrounding the femur and tibia, altering their lengths, hence making physical therapy crucial for adaptation and recovery. Our dedicated physiotherapists work closely with patients, providing guidance on exercises, stretches, and maneuvers aimed at promoting optimal recovery. Consistent adherence to these exercise routines is essential to mitigate potential complications such as joint stiffness, muscle contractures, or imbalances.

If you have any other questions, you can directly contact with our patient representatives.

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